my morning boost

December 14, 2016

You know who I have so much respect for these days?

Mom bloggers.

I have noooo idea how they do it. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to blog with kids around. Every waking moment with the kids means I have to entertain them; feed them, shower them, eat with them, sit with them, listen to their stories, watch Mariam point to the same thing 10 times, carry them, chase them, play hide and seek with them. Especially after this long weekend, they’ve become even more attached to me. It’s honestly so fun and I can’t tell you how full my heart is, but I also miss my me time. By night time, I either have to finish work, emails or I’m simply too tired my legs are on the couch with my mouth open, unconscious. My blog hasn’t been updated for dayssss and if I don’t blog for a long time, I get very grumpy.

Anyway, I owe you guys a whole bunch of updates; birthday (I turned 29!), London trip, Melbourne trip, boring work things… trust me, I have a whole list in my BLOG NOW DON’T MAKE EXCUSES list. Will get to that!

I’m rushing to the Pavilion store launch today, but just wanted to remember this moment before I forget.


Every morning when I get dressed and put on my make up, Mariam will always be with me. She just knows when I go to the toilet and start playing with brushes and all, suddenly her head will appear and she would climb onto the toilet and smile at me. I’d give her some empty bottles to play with and she has so much fun opening and closing the bottle caps (so easy to amuse kids, really…).

We’d turn on this song (Mom by Meghan Trainor) and we’d dance to it and giggle.

Every single morning, without fail. It’s just so much fun and Mariam darling, you really put a good start to Mommy’s day everyday. What a blessing a daughter is.

Thank you for her, Ya Allah.