she’s going to uni soon

December 19, 2016

We were driving back home from a wedding when suddenly Dean says out of nowhere…

“You know she’s going to uni soon right?”

Umm.. there I was not knowing what he’s talking about. Did he say something before this?? Dang it Vivy this is why you should pay attention when your husband talks! Now he’s going to know you weren’t listening.

“Umm… who’s going to uni soon?” I asked carefully.

“Mariam. She’s going to uni soon.”

Mariam, my not-even-2-year old daughter? The one who’s at home eating spaghetti with a spoon? The one who shoves her face into ice cream?


This Mariam?

“Umm w-w-what??”

“Yeah…. Just 16 more years and she’s going to leave us,” Dean’s eyes haven’t blinked. “Oh wait, 14 more years! Omg, we have even less time now.” He drives a bit faster in a rush to get home.

“Are you ok??”

“Our daughter is going to be a grown up soon, sayang, don’t you realize?”

Ummm, she can’t even say university yet.

He continues, “Soon she’s going to be married like that bride and she’s going to leave us.”


He still continues, “Time flies you know. In 14 years, she’s off. You know what we have to do, right?”


“We have to move to London and follow her to uni.”

Oh boy.

“No one does that! That’s crazy.”

“No, that’s love. Can you imagine Mariam not having us in a whole other country on her own? Can you imagine Mariam being alone???”


This gangsta’s gonna be fine, Daddy.

“Well, I’m sure she’ll miss us a bit….”

“A bit?!! SAYANG, COME ON, SAYANG. She needs us. We’re moving once she moves. In 14 years time, don’t act like you don’t know this ok?”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Oh Dean, you are such a dadddd!

As soon as we got home, he ran to the bedroom and hugged Mariam who was fast asleep. She got annoyed and started pushing him away.

I looked at Daniel sleeping with mouth open. “Sayang, you know that one is going to uni first right??” as I pointed to Daniel.

“Yeah but this one needs us more…” he says as Mariam struggles out of his arms.

“She doesn’t want you in uni, trust me.”

“You don’t know her, sayang. I’m going to hug you forever, Mariam. We only have 14 years left,” he said, while Mariam kicked his face to let her go.

Feeling’s not umm mutual there, sweetie, but ok, I’ll start packing my bags for Year 2031.


Oh, Mariam, you’ll never know your dad’s love to you. He’d do anything for you. Oh well, actually you will know cos he’ll be going to classes with you in uni, he’ll be going on your dates with you, and he’ll be tapping your phone to eavesdrop. Hahahaha. Sorry in advance and please remember that I tried to stop him every single time.