four kids + genting highlands

January 26, 2017

I still remember those days I would write about Little Nephew and Little Niece. All those memories are here in Proudduck, just available for them to read one day when they’re all grown up. Now Little Nephew and Little Niece aren’t little anymore, they’re just Nephew and Niece…. at that preteen age… all grumpy and complicated. Haha. Now that whole generation has grown; Aman, Zara, Daniel, Mariam and recent addition Faith. And we keep them very close, they see each other almost every other day.

This weekend Aman and Zara slept over, and Daniel is the happiest kid in the world (he adores them, follows everything they do… which includes Youtube and saying the universal code of preteens – “WHATEVER.”  -__-“). Dean and I promised to take them to Genting Highlands and they were so excited to “climb up a mountain” (they talk soooo much we couldn’t be bothered to correct that). We talked about all the rides and the cable cars and how there are french fries there (that double F phrase is magical, I tell you. Just keep repeating it to them and they’ll do anything… french fries, french fries, french fries!). The whole time we were on the highway, they kept asking if we’re there yet, followed by groans when I said not yet. They talked so much, that I looked at Mariam and thought Gurrlllll, you take your time in the talking department. HAHAHAHA.

We finally got there, after all of us wanting to puke going round and round the winding road – note to self: Genting Highland and 4 kids who won’t stop moving or talking = never a good idea. But Genting looked completely different. There were construction works everywhere and we were going round and round, it was so frustrating!

“Maksu, Uncle Dean, we’ve been on this road three times….” Aman said in his bored I-want-to-die voice. Zara didn’t need to say anything, her eyes were giving me dagger looks. Daniel just looked confused, clutching the McDonald’s paper bag that he puked in. Mariam was sleeping, couldn’t care less if we were at a fun amusement park or the Prime Minister’s house.

“Don’t worry Aman, we know where we’re going.”

I didn’t have a clue.

Fast forward, we were at the Information counter.

“Excuse me, Miss, how do I go to the indoor park?” I ask the lady, in my chirpy tone.

“Park under construction, it’s closed.”


Yes, she was.

Thank God there was a little mall there that had SnowWorld (quite fun that one, it was so cold and pretty fun but we were only given 40 minutes slot to play and then we had to get out), and like 3 or 4 rides going around the mall (which were sooooo slow you could fall asleep, wake up, have breakfast and you’re still on the ride). We explored the mall a bit, and there was a place to do sand art (you know the one where you have to peel off the sticker, then put coloured sand on it. It’s quite fun, I must admit).

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.21.59 AM

Mariam refused to tear herself away from Dean. *rolls eyes*


I have no idea why I looked like a ghost here.

Overall, the kids had a ball! And I realised that they didn’t even care that there wasn’t a big theme park to play at. They enjoyed the rides so much and laughed and held hands, and totally lived in the moment. I learned a big lesson from these kids today; to not mope if plans don’t go your way. You can be upset for a while, and then you gotta start enjoying whatever you actually do have at that moment.

Another lesson I learned today; I’m not ready for four children.