January 7, 2017

You know who would be the hardest person to throw a surprise party for? Me.

I am the clingiest person ever so it was very hard for my assistant Iman to plan my party in the office. I told her many times not to throw anything big and I hate surprises etc etc, so I thought she had it clear that I didn’t want any celebration. But she secretly planned it with Dean and the girls in the office, and I had no idea how! Because she’s with me ALL THE TIME, and I use her phone to message people or take photos, so that was the biggest challenge. So in the end, I found out how they managed to pull it off. They created a secret group chat for my party and named it “Health & Wellness” .


I saw it beep many times on Iman’s phone but swiped it away because well, nothing that interested me there.  They know me so well. I would never ever click on a group chat that had that title. Some other suggestions to repel me from clicking: “The Benefits of Vegetables” or… “Yayyy Hiking This Weekend”.

Anyway, another challenge is to film it for Love, Vivy Season 2. Because once there is a camera crew there, I would know that something is happening. So what they did was to trick me saying that the HR department is planning a team building activity. I was all for it, and made my way to the warehouse in the evening. Dean was all nonchalant and I gotta say, am very impressed with his acting and slightly worried because he was so good at hiding things from me. -__-“

The moment I entered the warehouse, they all shouted “SURPRISE!!!!!!!”


Wearing The Oops dUCk, jacket by Sincerely, top by KODZ and pants from Aere, all FashionValet.

I was so so so shocked because (1) didn’t expect a birthday party because they didn’t do it on my actual birthday (2) they all looked like this!


The girls were in kaftans (but naturally, these fashionistas tore their kaftans to make them shorter, tied them up here and there, made slits… all sorts of trends going on that day haha) and the boys were in kain pelikat and T-shirts with V on them (so glad they wore shorts inside, in case any wardrobe malfunction happens!). It cracked me up so much because they knew me too well! I live life in my kaftan, the more koyak the better. So to have everyone celebrate me wearing my sleeping gear, was just so special… and hilarious… well, mostly hilarious haha!

We were split into teams and they’re so cute they named the teams my favourite things in the worlddddddd. No not Team Daniel and Team Mariam puhleaseeee. They had Team Hermes, Team Dior, Team LV, Team Chanel bahahahaha. We played so many games and suddenly my competitiveness came out (not so attractive), and I got so into it that naturally, my Team Hermes won. *blows nails*

We ate so much food and way too much cake, that we were so stuffed I don’t think anyone ate dinner that night.


img-20170107-wa0030 img-20170107-wa0039 img-20161208-wa0124 img-20170107-wa0038 img-20161208-wa0071

Ahhhh, I feel so blessed. I still remember the fun day vividly and here I am typing this wearing the purple kaftan.


Thank you FV team for a memorable birthday (yet again!) and for making me feel so so so special. You can watch it all on Love, Vivy soon since they filmed this surprise.

I have a question. If you could dictate what your guests would wear for your birthday, what would it be?