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January 8, 2017

I have a Media tab in this blog now – I get a lot of emails from university students wanting information of either me or the companies, so since we can’t do single interviews with each one, please do refer to this tab to get information. All my past features are there. Hope it helps!

I usually know when there’s a feature on me in the media, because I would have gone through a shoot/interview with the journalist before that. But the best ones are the ones that completely surprised me. And I usually know the news from my followers, so thank you so much guys!

I was named one of the most influential people in Malaysia of 2016 by RojakDaily.com, thank you guysss! I sure hope 2017 will be even more awesome. And even more jaw-dropping was this article of me that someone sent me on Forbes!! The last article they wrote had even a mention on their Instagram and Facebook, naming it one of the most popular stories of their 2016.


*need to sit down and breathe….*

And then I find this:


A second article on me on Forbes and this one is a complete surprise.

Read it here

Seriously man… I don’t know how this doesn’t inflate people to another level. I need to breathe and zikir and make sure I never ever get big-headed or complacent with work. To get recognition from THE Forbes is pretty cool, so I’m going to allow myself to be happy for me and Dean. But tomorrow, feet will get back down to Earth, I PROMISE!

Anyway, in all seriousness, Alhamdulillah. And to more great things for FashionValet and dUCk!

Oh, one thing I absolutely have to share is this:

FashionValet opened a shop in Pavilion!!

Please tell me you know already… I mean, I’ve only mentioned it on my Instagram a hundred thousand times…. dUCk opened first and few months later, FV opened a bigger shop there.

It’s extremely difficult to get into big malls like Pavilion, oh gawdddd you should have seen us pitching and pitching! And even if they want to let you enter, there’s the other problem of lot availability. I learned so much about mall managements this year. It’s just not that simple to manage a mall, that’s all I can conclude!

We had a launching recently along with a fashion show of local brand Thavia’s latest collection from the gorgeous Tengku Chanela Jamidah. The preparation was pretty frustrating and a lot of things had to be fixed last minute, things were late, caterer arrived when guests arrived, oh so much drama to this day – can’t wait for you to watch it on Love, Vivy soon. It all turned out great though, we had a lot of activities on the day, an awesome goodie bag, a styling session, a photobooth, a lot of things!


There’s Mommy and Mak there, the brightest tudungs in the house of course.




Even with my highest heels AND on a platform, they’re still taller. #whatdoyouguyseat!!!!

Another one with the Thavia ladies


My bodyguards


My feet hated me that day, HATED.


Wrap photo at the end of the day.

This was also the first launch that Dad attended. He never attends, so to have him there was like WOW. Mom is always there, but when Dad comes… that’s something special. So thanks to our families for always being mine and Dean’s backbone always.

Also the huge FV team now. I’m so so so blessed to have them and we’ve gone through so many ups and downs. Most of you only see the happy moments I share, but to be honest, we face challenges every single day. I can’t imagine my FV journey without them. From 3 people! And now this!


Haha this was the only recent picture I had in my phone. Our Deepavali celebration. Was so much fun! We all dressed up in our best Indian outfits.

And then last but never never never least, there’s this amazing guy I call my husband and partner in everything.


The F to my V.

I can’t believe what an incredible man he is. He alwaysssss lets me shine and lets me take all the credit, when he’s the main captain of the ship. Well, he hates the limelight, but still… being this selfless, a man like this is just so so so rare. Love you, baby.

Anyway, Pavilion store is wide open now so head on there and pay us a visit! 🙂