how we celebrated the new year

January 1, 2017

Hellowwwww 2017!

How was everyone’s new year celebration yesterday? This was ours:


Hehe. Dean and I were going to go down to see the fireworks, there’s a little corner in the courtyard that can see the fireworks clearly. Last year, we stayed up with Daniel and he watched them for the first time. This year, both kids couldn’t be bothered. Haha. So Dean and I waited till a little before midnight, then we heard a bunch of noise from there. “Oh no, there are so many people there, all look like young kids,” I looked from the balcony.

“Aww man no need go la then. They’ll just make fun of us, especially with you looking like that,” he said pointing to me.

“Hey, this kaftan has been in my life forever. It’s here to stay, ok,” while I rubbed the torn part of my kaftan. Haters gonna hate, I tell it silently.

So we decided to be grannies and just watch TV. One ice cream tub each, watching…UFC. It was apparently a fight that was so important bla bla whatever Dean said. I tried to understand the wrestling fighting tournament thing.

“Ok, so these people actually want to get hurt…”

“Yeah, it’s a sport,” Dean said.

“But they’re in so much pain! Look at that!” I said while watching the guy tear out his skin and have blood coming out of it. Oh gross.

“They’re used to it. Oh wait, is that the sound of fireworks?” Dean asked.

“Oh yeahhhhh I think so. Happy new year, baby,” I said to him.

“Happy new year, sayang,” and we both continued talking about UFC and how much money they get and me saying what the world has come to that beating each other up is considered a sport, and Dean ignoring my statement and continues concentrating on the tournament.

So that’s how we celebrated! Haha. I guess it’s just another day. I really have so much respect for people who dress up and go out at midnight, how do you guys have the energy to go through the crowd and traffic and the noise???

Wow. Grandma Vivy in the house.

Ok, resolutions time:

  1.  To snack less and exercise more. I won’t turn all organic just yet, still want to enjoy my kuey teows and fried chicken! But to stop snacking on junkfood, I could try to do that. Exercise? I’m going to start with the YouTube videos, Marissa recommended this channel called Pop Sugar Fitness. I’ll try those. Starting today. This evening… or night.
  2. To engage in conversations and be present physically and mentally too. Now that I’m so busy, I notice I neglect my loved ones by doing things on the phone and not really listening. I’m there, but not there, you know? So yeah, I’m going to cherish and live in each moment whole fully.
  3. To not waste time. It’s hard enough to juggle two companies and being a wife and being a mom and being a daughter and so many things! The key is time management. Prepare everything before hand, do things fast and efficiently, wake up earlier so I can get more things done. Yes! I can do thisss!
  4. To care about myself more. Not just talking about food and exercise, but grooming too. Scrub, moisturise, them wrinkles are coming soon (I’m going to be 30 this year! Cries). I just bought a Dr. Sebagh moisturiser mask thingy. Oh! And I forgot my La Mer cream, that too! Also, to learn more about make up. I’ve been watching tutorials and I’ve suddenly developed an obsession towards Sephora. Not good for the bank account!
  5.  To cook more. Nothing better than home-cooked food for my family (even if it’s not sedap…). I’ve been practising a lot in 2016 to cook and it’s actually really fun. Families that eat together stay together!
  6. To blog more. This blog right here is my happy place, my escape from everything else. You have no idea how I feel if I don’t blog for a while; really grumpy. It gets really hard with my hectic life now, but I’m still going to try. So this year, I’m not going to procrastinate because then the blogpost will never happen. The moment I think “Oooh I should write about that!”, I am going to do just that.
  7. To go for Umrah again. The last time I went was for our overdue honeymoon, I was already pregnant with Daniel then. I miss the peace and calm I felt there with Dean. Will try to make it this year, if Allah swt wills it!
  8. To be more spiritually engaged this year. Honestly, 2016 was a bad year for me in that department. I hardly had time to read the Quran or go for any talks etc. Dean and I want to get Islamic classes this year, not just for us, but for our kids too.

Ok those are a lot already. Phew!

But in all seriousness, 2016 has been a terrible year for the world. So many sufferings going on, economically and politically. Wars and terrorism here and there… sometimes I look at Daniel and Mariam and I pray they never have to go through that. Trump became President of the US, racism soaring even more suddenly, ISIS attacks so rampant, the world is honestly terrifying so I always avoid thinking about all these. But here’s my small prayer for 2017; to make this world a better place, more love, less hate. And that starts from us. Be kind to the world, 2017.