i’ve created a monster

January 2, 2017

Woohoo 2nd blogpost in 2 days! I’m staying true to my resolution to blog more! 

So you guys know I’m obsessed with clothes and handbags and shoes… I’m just like any girl, really… plus a few more tops and pants and shoes… I always tell Dean “You knew what you were marrying,” whenever he complains hehe.

Anyway, just recently I’ve developed a new love for make-up! As you read from my previous post, I want to groom myself better. I always believe a woman needs to take care of her appearance, and not look selekeh. There’s just no excuse! It’s just whether you’re rajin or not.

I’ve always been a very basic makeup kind of girl – foundation, mascara, eyeliner (badly), blush, lip balm, dah! I have a lot of shoots and interviews but all those times, my make up is being done professionally by make up artists I trust with my face. I think because I get make up done so often, people associate me to look like that. So on days I don’t have my make up artist, I’m like… uh-oh. Slowly I learned from them (they’re so generous with knowledge!) and I would do it myself. But it can never look the same! I soon realised it’s because I don’t have the right tools; the right brushes, the beauty blender, the contouring whatnots. Did you know that there is a specific brush for your lid, crease, brow bone, brows, inner socket, bottom lid… and then in those categories, there are different shapes too?!!!! If we told this to our men, they’d be like HA-HA VERY FUNNY GIRLS SIX BRUSHES FOR JUST THE EYES HA-HA and we’d laugh along nervously, unsure if we should change the subject.


My mouth literally dropped when I was shopping and getting make up advice from the consultants. I bought everything, guys. Everything….

 But the good thing about make up is that you can buy sooooo much make up but it’s all so small, that you just come out of the shop with one bag.


“Oh, only one bag? Very good!” Dean asked me. Little did he know our kids’ school fees are in here.



 Anyway, today’s make up….


… was nothing like the tutorial I watched ugh.

(This is completely unedited because I want to see my progress for real)

The eyes are too much and not blended enough (I swear I blended soooo much I basically had an arm workout, and still it looks like this!), the nose contour I think is messy, mascara not enough…. maybe I need more brushes? *looks at my 6 different brushes I already own*

Man, make up is not easy! Gonna keep trying, though. Let me know if you’ve got any fav beauty bloggers you can share? Preferably Asian so we can relate better to our face shape (#teamhoodedeyes #teamsepet).