our first MRT ride

January 29, 2017

Most of you street-smart people would roll your eyes reading this hahaha. BUT I DON’T CARE! I went on the MRT for the first time and it was so fun!! I got so excited tapping the coin onto the machine and when the gates opened for me, I felt like I was being accepted into a club or something. Hahahaha. Oh, things that thrill me.

It reminded me of my uni days in London, how I miss those days! Subway and bus and public transport everywhere even at night, and it was so safe. Here, we all drive (or Uber/Grab) everywhere but it’s nice to know that public transport is improving tremendously. This new MRT project reportedly cost RM21 billion (How. many. limited. edition. handbag. is. that?!!) so naturally I wanted to try it out since it just completed. Plus I’m a taxpayer too, so I contributed to a screw or two… the smallest ones. Hahaha.

Dean and I took the kids on a quiet Saturday evening since we were free, and boy did they have fun. Daniel kept going “Train, Mommy, train!!!” and Mariam just jumped around when she saw Daniel jump around. #follower #biggestfan

IMG_5665 IMG_5704

Clean and new. Let’s see the condition in a year. Hopefully it’ll still be like this!


“Mommy, is that our house?!! Is that Nenek’s house? Is that Opah’s house?? Is that Wan Daddy playing golf?”


Excited faces, including Mariam.


After 4 stops, Mariam got less and less excited.


After 7 stops, she wanted to give up on life.


On the train back to where we started.

Andddd… we’ve lost her.


The best seat in the MRT is obviously the front where there’s a big window. And we can see the track so clearly. It’s so surreal because I remember seeing it being built and thinking OMG that’s so high, that’s so scary, will it be safe? Even after the test runs they had, I was still so scared looking at it from the road below. When they opened it to public, I made sure to let my friends go on it first. If they don’t die, then ok I’ll try it out. Hahahaha.


Wearing World Map dUCk restocking on Tuesday, top from PU3 (available in 2 colours) and Lucie flats from Mel and Molly (available in 4 colours), all from FashionValet

Even while sitting, I didn’t dare walk about too much or jump around. I was zikir-ing from time to time and chanting “Please don’t break, please don’t break, please don’t break”, JUST IN CASE.

All’s good, phew. Good job, Malaysia!