the thirteen year old book

January 11, 2017

I forgot to write about the most crucial part of our Ducks sleepover the other night.


Hanaa brought a book. A very important book.

That had so much of our crap in it from school! Haha.

We graduated high school in 2004, it’s now 2017 so this book is 13 years old.


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The rest of the pages should never be shown to the public haha.

Oh and the old photos of us in braces and ponytails.

We read through our little post it notes in class and our little doodles of complete nonsense. How we managed to get good grades is beyond me, because it sure seems like we were just talking about boys throughout high school hehe. And how we managed to get boyfriends looking like that… hahahaha.

Did I mention the old photos of us?!!

Oh goshhh. But really, we have never laughed that much in a long longggg time. As life gets so serious nowadays with us having our careers and Pot and I having kids, it’s just such a nice change to look back at the old us, the ones who had no care in the world except to pass our exams.

Memories are so important, guys. Don’t lose them. You must must must remember them so you can appreciate life and its good moments. And to remember them, you must write them down. Either on social media or a blog or your personal diary, doesn’t matter. As long as you never lose the moments. Because really, the moment you feel down or stressed, you look back at your old memories, a smile will automatically creep up on your face.

Or in our case, a whole lot of snorts and tears from laughing too hard.