mariam got skills

February 25, 2017

Mariam is fierce and persistent.

Tonight, Dean (her favourite person in the world ever whatever) had read a bedtime story to her over and over again. And as they finished, she would say “Again! Read book again!” Dean said “No, no that’s enough Mariam, we have to sleep now ok.” Mariam threw a fit and started saying Read a book sooooo many times. We even looked at each other, that look parents exchange to give each other moral support when you know one of you is about to give in… you know, that DONTYOUDAREGIVEINTOTHISCHILDDONTBEWEAK look.

Dean said no to her and asked her to sleep. That’s when she started kicking. And Dean had had enough. He raised his voice telling her to stop it and that riled her up even more. Dean said he would walk out of the room if she didn’t stop crying and kicking. She didn’t stop, so to show her that he’s serious, he left the room and went to the living room. Any normal child would normally be scared or cry or follow, but Mariam started screaming so loud out of anger. Like please woman, don’t be so dramatic, you’re just like your mother *rolls eyes*. Dean didn’t give in this time. He stayed outside but I know he was hurting because it breaks his heart to see his children cry. And also, because I saw his shadow there watching us. -___-“

Anyway, suddenly I was Mariam’s favourite person. She hugged me tight and said “No Daddy, no Daddy.” Suddenly Daddy was the biggest enemy and she didn’t let me leave her. We talked for a while in bed (well, I talked and told her that tomorrow’s her birthday, and that she’s a good girl, and that we love her etc etc) and finally I asked, “Mariam love Daddy, right?”

“No. No Daddy,” she said.

“Oh but Daddy loves you. He always thinks about you, he buys you lots of toys, he plays with you, he tickles you… right?”

“No. No Daddy,” she was firm.

“You know Daddy is outside alone? He’s very sad that you kicked him and it’s not nice to do that.”

“No Daddy.”

Sheesh woman, you’re the ice queen! You make Elsa look lame.

“You like to see Daddy outside by himself?”

She kept quiet and started to look worried.

I continued, “After all that Daddy does for you, you don’t want to kiss him goodnight?” 

“No,” she said and turned to her side and shut her eyes tight pretending to sleep. Drama, this woman.

But in a few seconds, her eyes opened and she just stared at the door. I know she was thinking about Dean and she couldn’t sleep. To be honest, it’s really sweet, I thought.

Suddenly, she scratched her bum. “Pain,” she complained to me.

“Mariam got pain here?” I pointed to her bum.

“Yes… Ubat,” she said saying that she wants the ointment.

“You want ubat?”

She nodded and pointed to the door. “Daddy has ubat.”

“Want to go to Daddy and ask him?”

“Ya…” she said softly.

So I held her hand and we walked to Dean who was sitting in living room. She went up to him and didn’t say a word.

Ego as tall as that tree outside.

“Yes, Mariam?” Dean asked, still sounding stern.

“Daddy, pain.”

And that was it. She won Dean’s heart again and she pulled him to put her to sleep. She put her head on his shoulders and looked so content. Didn’t even need any ubat. Got what she wanted, and she didn’t even have to apologise. The girl got skills, man. Smooth, Mariam. Next time you guys don’t want to say sorry, just say your bum got pain and you need ointment. Just do The Mariam. It might work! Bahahahaah.



Anyway, Mariam turns 2 tomorrow (will blog about that, Insyaallah!). And I just want her to remember this moment. I thought it was the sweetest thing, ironically. Seeing her hug her dad, I knew that her love for him was unconditional. And even when she acts up in front of him, deep down she’ll always want her dad.

P/S: Hey, the kids love me too yeah. Just in case you guys think I’m the worse parents or whatever pftttt. They say I love Mommy all the time, please, just that I have no one writing about it since I’m just writing what I observe with them and Dean. #notjealous