“popok” each other

February 8, 2017


“That’s mine, Mariam!!”

“Mai, mai!!”

“No it’s mine. I was playing with that first!”

“Mai, mainnnnn!”

Situation at home all the time now. That’s when I tiptoe and hide in my room and let them sort it out themselves. I mean hello fight your own battles, children, you’ll learn negotiation skills along the way. Haha. Can’t always have Mom and Dad solve their problems for them! 

Daniel and Mariam are generally very good kids. They are not rowdy, they are not naughty, they listen (most of the time). Alhamdulillah, Dean and I are very blessed. Except when they get new toys. Oh boyyyy the tug of war is just vicious ending up in tears. Usually Daniel’s tears, my poor firstborn is always giving in to his garang younger sister. Mariam’s personality is starting to develop and I see sooooo much of me in her; stubborn, determined and won’t take no for an answer. Sometimes she bullies Daniel and I feel so bad! 

Today Daniel fell. And I think he bit his lip so blood was all over his mouth. He cried so hard and sobbed in pain coming to me. I checked that it was all ok, no teeth were broken, and that it was just a little cut. His tears were just streaming down and I hugged him tight for a long time. I couldn’t make his pain any better except to just be a comforting mom to him.

Mariam was holding her Mut (of course) and she looked up concern. She didn’t do anything but her eyes didn’t leave Daniel. Slowly she came to us and paused right in front of us, examining Daniel closely while he cries. Usually she doesn’t really care who cries, you can leave your crying baby next to her and she’ll still be playing her flash cards. Never let her babysit. 

She looked at Daniel a little longer just standing (THE EGO ON THIS WOMAN OMG). But her eyes started to water. She tilted her head slowly and reached out her hand. She wanted to pass Daniel her Mut. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BIG THIS IS, GUYS. This is TRUE LOVE. 

She stopped of course. True love lasted two seconds. 

But then she reached her other hand out and touched Daniels leg. She lifted her hand and then touched Daniel’s leg again. Repeatedly. 

“Popok.. popok Niya…” she says softly. 

Awww guys! She’s saying Tepuk… tepuk Daniel. She was tapping on his leg to comfort him!!! I wanted going to cry seeing this moment. For someone who doesn’t show affection much, it was so nice to see Mariam care about her crying brother. 

As a parent, we obviously want our kids to live happy and good lives. But above that, we want our kids to be good to each other, to love and support one another in good and bad times. I know this is a minor example, but I pray that Daniel and Mariam will always have that bond, to always have each other’s back and to always “popok” each other when they need someone the most. We always hear about siblings falling out after their parents pass, usually over assets or in laws, and no parents would want this to happen. If and when they face hardship in the future and feel like the world is against them, I pray that they’ll realise blood is thicker than water. 

Everyone needs a “popok” every once in a while. And it would mean a lot coming from a sibling. Let’s all call our brothers and sisters today just to say Hey, just checking if you need a “popok”?