my eyes still light up

March 8, 2017

Dean is away on a business trip and as usual, I’ll be really down. When we are apart, I realise how much I love him and I think sometimes space is really good to rekindle the love especially when you even work together! So I’ll write an emo post about him then hehe.

Nowadays, he gets more recognised in public. As Dean himself, not as Syafiq Yusof baahhaha. Woohooooo #madeitinlife. And we always get stopped for photos now, even him (haha!). More and more people are taking photos of him or with him, and this means more girls too. A lot of these girls are young girls, some even in uni who take him as an inspiration. I sometimes tease him about it and he’ll get really red, since he’s really not used to this limelight (he usually avoids it, in fact!).

“Sayang, you know now younger girls wanna take photos with you, you better not fall in love with them!” I said to him, half teasing half serious.

And he held me close, “You’re the only one for me.”

And my heart flutters. Sigh… how did I land such a nice husband, I don’t know. But one thing for sure is that I am forever grateful for him in my life. Not to be biased (ok I’m totally biased), but I think we make such a good couple. We finish each other’s sentences, we tease, we joke, we laugh, he picks my nose to disturb me (I hate it), we are just really good together. And the only reason is because we make the effort to keep the love and friendship alive. We talk, we share problems, we stick by each other, we are each other’s best friends. We have date nights (sometimes just on the couch watching TV because we’re both so tired from work), we accompany each other when one is staying up late (why do football matches have to be at 2am?!), we share ice cream tubs, we check in with each other to ask what the other is having for lunch, we tapau food that we think the other might like. Despite whatever goes on in our lives and careers, we always show love to one another.

One thing we like to do when we sleep is hold hands.

“How come we used to be able to cuddle to sleep all night long, and now no more?” I asked Dean.

“Cos now we’re starting to have back problems and all,” he laughed.


Anyway guys, this blog entry is dedicated to fellow husbands/wives out there. I’m just sharing a little piece of my love life because (a) I want to always remember moments with my husband and (b)  in hope that it will inspire you too to love your spouse today and everyday. Always go back to the day you got married and remember that love you have for one another. Love is not a one-way street, it takes two to tango and if only one is making the effort, eventually he/she will get tired of being the only one. As much as you are busy with your lives, never neglect your spouse who is always there for you. Find something unique that you and your husband like to do together, and it could be the smallest things like holding hands while you sleep. No matter what we face in life and whatever challenges come our way, try to be the coolness in each other’s eyes. Focus on the good, always. Be patient with each other, no one is perfect, not even you.



My eyes still light up when Dean walks through the door, and that feeling is something I never want to lose. Whether you see each other everyday, or your husband works offshore, or you and him have long distance marriage, it doesn’t matter because you should do what works for you guys. Never compare with others because no two love is the same. The only thing that matters is that when you’re together, you cherish every moment. Love your husband with all your heart, and love your wife with all your heart. You are God’s gift to one another, so never stop making the effort for one another.

If you’re reading this, Dean, hurry up and come home already. Your wife misses you. And on your way back, could you get me that Nelson’s corn in cup at the airport please. Thanks.