my two important women

March 22, 2017

A huge part on why my life is so blessed is because I’m loved by my mom and mil, constantly having them make doa for Dean and I, and all their kids. I’m very lucky to have a mil who I’m very close to, and even luckier to have a mom who loves me unconditionally.

Everyday when I come home to pick up the kids from their houses, they’ll always look at me and say “You need to rest, please don’t work yourself too hard” with concerned looks on their faces. And then they’ll feed me dinner and realise all along that I just made that face so I could steal their food and not have to cook. *strategy* Bahahaha. Ok but no, jokes aside, I feel very loved at the end of every day because of them and I seriously cannot imagine life without them.

Last week, I took one off-day to be with them. Mommy has been complaining that I never call or see her (and then goes on to say it’s pahala to see your mom or hear your mom’s voice, so don’t I want the pahala etc etc which turns into a university lecture) and I also haven’t been spending time with Mak at all. So I thought ok let’s have a day where it’s just the girls! Me and my moms, just bonding in the kitchen. I cleared my schedule and forced them to as well.

We went to the pasar in the morning. Agreed to cook laksa for lunch, so we needed lots of fish, chilli paste, and the laksa itself. After an hour at the pasar, I came back with fish, chilli paste, laksa (2 kinds because I couldn’t decide), lime, some other green herbs, Mickey Mouse sticker for Mariam, Dinosaur sticker for Daniel, a sleeping kaftan I found on the first floor, a mini kaftan for Mariam I found on the way out, some cendol, some other toys and some fruits. Like wow, I realise I can shop anywhere. I wanted to buy orchids too, but didn’t have enough hands. They should really provide trolleys at the pasar.






If you guys know who she is, then you’ve also been lying to your husband about how you made that curry from scratch.


We mean business.


We got home and I got to work. I thought I was all ready for this but when Mak said I had to clean the insides of the fish, I started reconsidering my decisions in life. This cooking together thing was my idea. *smacks head* Today was the day my mil realised her daughter in law has never cleaned an inside of a fish before. But then again, it’s too late. Already married your son and gave you grandkids so you got no choice but to love me now. *peace sign*


Me getting the table ready for serving and pretending to be busy. Yasmin in the background was also pretending to be busy.

Wearing scarf from dUCk, Xylia white top from aere (comes in 4 colours), and frayed jeans from SchmileyMo, all from FashionValet


Me waiting impatiently because cooking laksa isn’t half an hour like I expected… by the time laksa was done, I was hungry with a capital H and U.


As mom lectured us about something, I can’t remember.

It was soooo much fun with my mom and mil, though. I learned a lot from them and they started reminiscing about childhood stories of the kids and how they had no such thing as epidural back then. What cruel times, it must have been. Haha. But really, after all the serious work stuff I have to deal with all day, this was absolutely what I needed. Some good old bonding time with the two women who love me  dearly. Nothing in this world can beat the feeling of being with your moms.

Wanna know if I burned the house down? Or how the laksa turned out? Will be up soon on Love, Vivy! We’re negotiating with Astro to put it up on YouTube but till we iron out things, please catch it on TV every Monday 9 pm on Astro Ria.