why do they grow up so fast?!

April 13, 2017 • 9 comments • 2813 views



For the longest time, this has been my view. The kids room are about 60% done, the beds are in, the carpets are in, the blinds are in. I wanted Daniel’s room to be blue and orange, and Mariam’s room to be pink and white. Typical, I know, but it’s mostly to satisfy me, really. Haha. The kids really couldn’t care less if they lived in a nicely decorated room… or in room made out of newspaper (in fact, they might actually like the latter more haha).



It all looked like it was right on progress. But the mattresses took their time to arrive, and to be completely honest I didn’t mind. Because I know once they do, I had no more excuse – the kids were ready to sleep on their own. But what if I wasn’t?!! Doesn’t anybody ask the mom if she’s ready?!! *cries blood*

The mattresses arrived today.

And I’m not sure how to feel.

I guess I can keep prolonging it by not putting in the bedsheets yet and maybe even hide the kids’ pillows in the store room, but how long can I delay that? At some point, Kak Siti will clean up and find those pillows. Grrrrr.

Parents! We don’t know what we want, do we? On one hand, we keep saying we can’t wait for our kids to sleep in their own rooms. And on the other hand, when it actually does happen, we’re like crying in the corner hugging our kids’ toy elephant. WHAT DO WE WANT.

Sigh. Time for me to accept this new chapter in my kids’ lives; settling in their own rooms and embracing independence. It’s going to be hard for both parties; kids will cry because they’re scared, and Dean and I will cry because we’re sad. It’s going to be a crying fest in this household for a while, but we’ll get through it. We’re a tough bunch, we can do this!

Tonight (and maybe the next few weeks haha), I have a feeling I’m going to tiptoe to the kids’ rooms in the middle of the night and sneak into their beds to cuddle them. But that’s ok, because Dean would probably already be in there too, wiping his own tears. *rolls eyes*