but I wanttttt

May 10, 2017

My nephew Aman came out holding a red tub. You guys know what it is… My mouth watered, my heart melted and my fingers itched to grab some. Once you pop, you can’t stop. Haha. It’s Pringles la duh! I kept myself from asking him for some because two pairs of little eyes were watching me; they belonged to Daniel and Mariam.

I swear if my kids weren’t there, I’d be finishing that tub of Pringles in 5 minutes.

Daniel looked at me and asked slowly knowing that I wouldn’t be happy, “Mommy…..” he called softly.

“Yes, Daniel?”

“Can I have some chips too?”

Almost said heck yeah give Mommy some too, but I went the boring moral path. “No, Daniel, you cannot eat chips ok. It’s night time already, you’re going to sleep soon.”

He pointed to Aman giving me the lamest yet most effective reason in the world, “But Aman is eating it!”

I looked at Along and she cued Aman to close the tub and hide it away. “Sorry, Daniel, it’s finished already.”

And there it went; the waterworks, the cries, the “But I wantttttt” whines. He was also really sleepy so it made it worse. I carried him around to calm him down and he kept on calling Chips, Chips like it was the love of his life. Not that I would object this relationship, tbh, I love chips too baahahahha.

“No, Daniel, chips is not good for you,” I said feeling a big red HYPOCRITE sign coming out on my forehead

“Yes it is. Chips is good,” he wailed in between his cries.

I know. I think so too, my son.

Anyway, we went home and he was still upset about the “finished” chips. Looked everywhere for any extra chips in the house.

I put him to bed and read him a book. I usually point to certain words and waited for him to say it out by himself, to teach him to read slowly. He’d always get excited when I do this because he feels like the smartest boy in the world when he identifies words like “and” and “the” and “Peppa”. Haha. So tonight, I pointed to more words to distract him. In between wiping his tears, he’d say the words on the book and then he’d say Chips. -____-“

Without thinking I said, “Mommy will buy you chips tomorrow ok?”


“And because you’re such a good patient boy, you can even choose which ones you want at the supermarket.”


“Really, Mommy?” Daniel looks at me with the cutest puppy eyes. Even my brain went Awwwww.

I didn’t answer him with any confirmation. I went back to reading and eventually he went to sleep. I sighed a sigh of relief. Phewwwww, dodged a Chip bullet there.

This morning, I kissed the kids good morning.

Daniel was so cheerful and hugged me back. “Mommy, today I’m choosing which chips I want because last night you said I can.”

Dang it. Children remember everything!