daddy’s girl

May 4, 2017

So a few of you wanted to know What Mariam Says.

Well today, I woke up to kiss her and cuddle her. And as usual, she squirms and starts to get annoyed. That girl just isn’t one for affection, honestly. Ugh. So unlike her romantic mom.

She’s starting to talk now but she’s quite shy so she’ll ask for things really softly especially when people are around. She’s still smelling her selimut everywhere she goes, and we managed to convince her that she can’t bring it to school (totally blamed the teachers and told her the teachers told me to tell her. They did not. Teehee.). So she’s ok without it for a few hours in the morning, but as soon as she gets in the car after school, she’ll look for her selimut.

In the morning, the first thing she says is “I want Daddy.” That’s also the last thing she says at night. And what she says during the day.

When I come and play with her, she’ll sometimes entertain me when she’s in a good mood, but most of the time, she’ll look at me and say, “Where’s Daddy?”

When I put her to sleep, sometimes I find success in that but most of the time, she’ll shake her head and say, “Daddy put me to sleep.”

So yeah.


That’s what Mariam says these days. Such a Daddy’s girl.

So you know, I just tell people she can’t talk yet.