glamping. never again!

May 8, 2017


And thisssss is how we looked recently.

Us in yellow Phua Chua Kang boots, probably not our proudest ootd moment. =”””)

So we went glamping!!!!

We were pretty excited to go, after seeing these pictures on Pinterest. Like this one:

And this one:

So when we got to the site, we were thinking omg this is going to be the coolest thing ever! We’ll have so many nice nature pictures to take, we’ll take so many ootds in the forest, it’ll be so awesome!

And then when we got there, this is how the tent looked:


What. The. Fruit. Is. This.

Where is the nice table lamp, where is the plush thick comforter, why are there three different types of carpet in there, why are the plastic chairs red, what on earth is the colour theme they had planned for this?!

Shut. The. Front. Door.

What. Front. Door.


We had to freaking zip our home.

Bahahaha. Ok but then, it was like RM300 a night if I’m not mistaken, so ok la fine, it’s not exactly meant to be glamping per se. Just camping. =”)


We had a bonfire planned but it rained so heavily, so thank God we brought board games. We played THREE cos we were so bored. Bahaha.


Look at that idiot in the heels going camping.


That abang was so patient with us, we kept asking him to take photos of us. And then asking if we’d be getting a certificate for this. He said yes so naturally I kept going. #asian


It was one night we will always always always remember. We discovered things about us we never knew we could do! Like rubber tapping and wading through the river. We saw a little boy in his underwear screaming “I’m going to be on TV!!!” when he saw the Love, Vivy crew (he’s so cute, we’re going to miss him!). We slept in a tent in the middle of the forest, surrounded by mosquitoes and leeches and snakes and omg thank God we survived without any bites or drama. We had a BBQ dinner and fed the cats that came purring at us (big mistake, they brought more friends and the purrs started to sound like growls). We rode bikes and raced (I never knew I could ride a bicycle!). And last but not least, we survived 2 days and 1 night without Wi-Fi connection and just relied solely on each other for entertainment (2 days was more than enough with these goons).

Secretly of course, I enjoyed every bit of it because I was with them. I miss us girls just hanging out without our husbands and kids and family and siblings (still love you people).


It was a night to remember being with my two best friends.

Without wifi or phone connection.

It was horrible guys don’t do it.

Errr, I mean, it was great!