meeting umairah

May 27, 2017

Happy Ramadan, guys!!!

I received a few messages linking to my old Ramadan resolutions post and reminding me that it’s not too late to do them this Ramadan. Thanks for that, guys! Definitely motivating me to make full use of this Ramadan to do good deeds and ibadah.

I went for Terawih (is it Terawih or Tarawikh?) prayers yesterday with Dean. And we were kind of late so we rushed and packed all our things. I put on a T-shirt, comfy loose pants and put on my telekung. We mumbled goodbye to the kids and zoomed to the mosque. Had to park at the very end of the parking lot and walked up the many stairs hurriedly because the Imam was already reading the Isyak prayers.

As I ran up, I realised something. I looked down to my slippers. I looked inside my KL tote bag (great to bring to the mosque!). I looked up at Dean.

“Oh no…”

“What?” Dean asked worriedly, stopping his steps.

“I forgot my kain….”

Dean asked if I wanted to be sent home because clearly I couldn’t pray with feet exposed! I said no, it’s ok, let’s just go in the mosque, I’ll figure it out. We separated ways and I went into the women’s section. I desperately searched for the extra telekung section, but couldn’t find any. Plus people were already praying so I couldn’t really walk in front of them. I panicked. Ok ok, maybe I can lower my pants to my bum, so they cover my feet. I tried it, but when I sujud, I could feel my feet were exposed. Argghhhh. I brought a sejadah, so I thought of wrapping it around my feet. But people will think I’m mad, and already the women were looking at me and mouthing to their friends, “Vivy Yusof la tu.” In my head, it’s Vivy Yusof la tu yang tak pandai guna sejadah. #hidesinhole

A lady next to me looked at me.

I asked her, “Ada extra kain tak?” with a desperate smile because I just wanted to pray.

She shook her head, “Takde la kak…”

Kak?!!! What… ok ok not the time.

“Ummm, ada stokin tak?” I asked her, unsure but worth a shot anyway.

“Ada, kak ambik stokin saya, takpe,” and underneath her kain, she took off her socks and passed them to me.

I was speechless. This lady was so so kind. I was so embarrassed that I forgot to bring my own kain/socks, but I thought ok it’s ok, she doesn’t know me and won’t judge.

“Kak ni Vivy Yusof eh?” she asked me with a smile.

Of course. Great. Note to self: Bring your own socks and stop embarrassing yourself.

I wanted to cry because (a) I’m making this stranger take off her socks for me, (b) I’m about to wear someone else’s socks, and (c) I’m so touched with her kindness. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be able to pray. And because she was so kind and sacrificed her own socks for a stranger, I was able to perform my prayers in peace.

I prayed next to her the whole time, and just wanted to be close to her. After we did 23 rakaats, I asked her for her name. It was Umairah. Umairah means elevated, and I do hope Allah swt will elevate her in Jannah for her simple act of kindness.

So guys, we all know what to do in Ramadan; pray, read Quran, perform Terawih, zikir, sedekah… But also, Umairah reminded me to do acts of kindness, even if it means sacrificing a piece of your belonging just so that someone else can pray and ibadah too.

Thank you dearest Umairah.

Ok, so hope y’all will have an amazing Ramadan and let’s face it, see you guys at the pasar ramadan today #wheretheresfoodtheresvivy

Time for me to wash Umairah’s socks and send them back to her. I refused to give them back to her last night. Haha.