the sweetest presentation

May 24, 2017

Ok so you might want to steal my best friends after this post, but I’d like to declare that they are bounded to me by a friendship contract so carefully worded that basically means they’re stuck with me and that you can’t sit with us. Unless you bring cake, we like cake. Well, I like cake. You can sit with me. I’ll leave them anytime.

So every single day AVA group chat beeps like mad, with three hormonal girls updating the ups and downs of our days. It’s truly a rollercoaster ride of emotions in there, stories from three different lives coming together on just a tiny screen. Some good, some bad, some just plain useless like Mimak’s toilet schedule, some truly useful like me correcting Toots’ grammar and Mimak’s spelling. Seriously, why am I friends with them.

There was one week that I was going through a rough time, and I obviously couldn’t hide it from them. And you know, usually your friends will tell you “It’ll be ok” and give you some motivational piece of advice. My best friends? Na-ah, they came over one night and asked me to sit down because they had a presentation for me.

Mind you, they are busy people; Toots is having a super crazy busy time at work where she leaves the office past midnight everyday AND she has Musa to attend to afterwards AND she’s pregnant too. Mimak is always traveling and when she’s home, she’s so busy with work that she barely has time to even pee on some days. She also just moved in to a new home, we’ve been so tired lifting boxes and stuff. By we, I mean her.

They made me a Game of Life presentation to show my journey.

Had to censor some parts sorry. Note to self: always wear clothes.

I teared during the presentation. I was just utterly speechless. My friends own the sweetest of hearts, and they truly want the best for me. Telling me that hey, life has its ups and downs, but you always will pull through. And best of all, reminding me of my favourite part in the Quran; the one where God says He won’t give you a burden more than you can bear – basically one of the reminders I tell myself each time I’m faced with a challenge, and it truly truly helps.

I felt so touched that after the presentation I felt like I had to give them something too. I found a banana in the kitchen and let them share it. #imselfless

Sighhhh. I am truly blessed with this friendship and I can’t imagine my life without them. After they left, I studied the presentation one more time and bawled my eyes out because I can’t believe they took time to make this for me (well apparently, a lot of cursing and moaning happened during the making of this, but hey they finished it bahaha). So yeah, guys next time you tell your friend a problem in your life, and she gives you a hug… uh-uh, girlfriend, you demand for that presentation please. Hehe.

The next day, Toots shared some “down” news in the group chat and I immediately thought Ah crap, now I have to make her a presentation. 

Ok maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all. Cancel everything I said.

A hug is enough to show our love. Haha.