turning 4 soon

May 2, 2017

Someone asked me how old Daniel is now. And I literally paused before I told them. Sure looked like a bad mother who forgot, but the truth is I was shocked myself; he’s turning 4 in July. FOUR?!! It has been FOUR years?!! I still remember me writing out my 3-part birth story on this blog. And I still remember having to go through confinement in such happiness (if you’ve followed my blog, you’d know this is a lie).

Ah, my sweet son, I wish sometimes time could stand still just when I’m cuddling you.


Daniel has grown up to be a lovely boy. He’s very easy to raise, he listens, he questions, he absorbs, and he responds. He’s still a bit shy in school but he’s got some friends he always talks about. The girl he held hands with transferred school, so I’m the happiest mother alive. #amnotdealingwiththatdramauntilhes25

He’s definitely a Mommy’s boy. He loves playing and wrestling with his dad, but he’ll always come to me, put his hand on my thigh and smile at me waiting for a kiss. And then, he’ll go play again. While Mariam always runs to Dean when we come home from work, Daniel will always run to me and give me the biggest hug. When Dean pretends to leave me behind, Daniel will get so upset and say “Wait for Mommy!!” When Dean tries to wrestle me, Daniel will come and end it usually with a smack to his dad and a “Stop it, Daddy. Don’t be naughty!” I ask Dean why he likes to do that and Dean says he wants to teach Daniel to respect women. Awwwwww. He does no such thing when I disturb Dean. *blowsnails*

I know I can’t stop time from turning the pages of his years, but I can try to remember each moment by writing them down here. I’m starting a new category, What Daniel Says. Just short snippets of what he says as he grows up. Some are funny, some are sweet, some you might not get because you weren’t there, but I want to pen it down anyway so I’ll always be able to relive it. Obviously there’ll be a What Mariam Says as well but she doesn’t talk much so for now it’s just mostly “I want Daddy”s in that category. *stabsheart*

“Daniel, eat your vegetables,” I begged him for like the fifth time.

He’s a very picky eater (like me) but I didn’t expect him to answer, “No, Mommy, everyone eats vegetables. I want to be different so I don’t want to eat vegetables.”

“Oh, look, a giraffe!” I said pointing to a picture. “Giraffes live in the jungle.”

“Umm no, Mommy, giraffes live in the savannah.”

Fuhhhh, drops mic.

I was having a nice time cuddling him tight and he squirmed because he’s had enough of clingy mom and wants to play. He exclaimed, “Mommy, let gooooo.”

“No Daniel, I don’t want you to go,” hugging him tighter.

“I want to go now, Mommy, but I still love you a lot, ok?”

Points to a toy, “I want that, Mommy. Pleaseeee?”

“No, Daniel, you have too many toys.”

“Ok Mommy, I need it.,” emphasizing on the need.

People need oxygen, Daniel, not a moving dinosaur.

“Come onnnn, share with me, Daniel!” I said to him when he didn’t want to share his Koko Krunch with me.

“You’re not my sister, Mommy, so I don’t have to share with you.”

Because I always tell him he has to share with his sister. Need to add “Rest of world” in there soon.

“Mariam, can Mommy have some tea please?” I asked her as she was playing with her tea set. She was pouring one for Daniel.

“No,” she says softly.


“Here, Mommy, you can have mine,” Daniel says sweetly as he hands his cup to me.


And the not so aww yesterday was the latest.

Just arrived from London to KL and we rushed home excited like crazy to see Daniel and Mariam. We pictured them coming to us, hugging us realllllll tight and maybe even shed some happy tears. When we got home, Daniel ran to us excited and looked up, “Yay you’re back, now where’s my toy?”

I used to do this to my dad whenever he got home from a trip, all tired.

Karma sure is a pain in the butt.