one… two… three…

June 25, 2017

Ok so I’m feeling super cool and powerful now because I’ve found a new way to get the kids to listen to me. Seriously, now that they’re getting cheekier and they can talk and run as fast as they can, it’s exhausting trying to keep up! They also talk back, these monkeys! Today I scolded Daniel for swimming without asking me first, and I said “Daniel, next time you have to ask me first!” He got mad back and said “No, next time you have to ask me, Mommy!” and walked away probably feeling proud, but he doesn’t know what he said made no sense. Rolls eyes.

Anyway, anyway!

My new thing is to COUNT.

Just count guys!

“Daniel, I’m telling you, if you don’t finish go to bed now, you’re going to be in trouble…. ONE… TWO… THREE…” Ah crap, he’s not budging. Ok count some more, count some more! “…FOUR… FIVE… SIX….” Oh man, what happens when I count to ten?! I didn’t think this through!! Keep counting, Vivy, just count. “… SEVEN… EIGHT… NINE….”

He ran to me and agreed to sleep.

Pheee-yeewwwww!! It worked!!

Cos guys, I don’t know what you’re supposed to do when you get to TEN. Haha.

So yeah, I’ve been practising that and it seems to work so far. Not on Mariam though… she’s so stubborn, you can be there counting till 435 and she’d still be ignoring you. That girlllllll… grrrrrrr. So with her, it’s more hardcore like putting her in a corner or leaving her in the room alone (we stand outside of course!). Patience is much required when disciplining Mariam, like lotssssss of patience. She’s so adamant with what she wants, and “sorry” is sooooo precious, you’ll never get it out of her unless you threaten to throw all her toys in the dustbin. Even then, you might not succeed. -___-“

Anyway, back to counting! Because it seems to work with majority of kids, even my nieces and nephews.

The only regret I have is setting the precedent at TEN. I should’ve sooooo stopped at THREE. Because when it’s a tense environment, getting to TEN is just so long! Super awkward too because other people are just waiting and waiting for you to count faster. And you can’t go counting really fast like “One, two, three, four, five…” They’ll never take you seriously. You’ve got to drama a bit.

Like “ONE!”






All the while keeping your eyes on them, staring angrily with your index finger wagging firmly.

*dust shoulder, blows nails*

Oh wait not done yet.












Pause. Uh-oh.


Pause. Come on, don’t embarrass Mommy in front of all these people.



And they’ll come running.

*curtsies and bows*

But see how long that was?! You could totally go to the toilet, pee and come back and I’d still be counting. Stop at THREE guys, stop at THREE.

Anyway, hope you will try it out especially today since it’s Rayaaaaa! The three C’s are out and they’re a dangerous combination.

Cookies + cakes + cousins = danger zone.

Get ready to count.

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin from us!!