the third wheeler

June 27, 2017

This long Raya break is way too long. We were given leave earlier than normal because Raya orders are wrapped up when couriers stop delivering for Raya (just the physical stores running as usual), and because work resumes back on Thursday, of course many people took Thursday and Friday off to make it a whole long break to go on holiday with their loved ones.

The roads are empty, the malls are quiet(ish), there are no good movies in the cinema, my phone and inbox isn’t active with new beeps, KL-lites are sleeping… am really missing the buzz of work!! But at the same time, I’m really really really appreciating bonding time with Daniel and Mariam.

Dean and I are with them constantly from day to night, and it’s been a real hoot. We laugh so much seeing them run around or play with each other and then hit each other and then play with each other again… it’s so entertaining, all we need now is popcorn to complete the experience. Remember when I wrote before when I was pregnant with Mariam, that I felt a bit sad that another baby was coming because Daniel will have to share the love? Yeah, I no longer feel that way because they laugh so much together that I’m glad we gave them siblings. I mean seriously, the other day, they laughed for 5 minutes at the word “Booboo” which is a word they obviously made up. They’re self-sufficient, really. Haha.

They were playing pretend zoo just now. Daniel was wearing a hat and Mariam was carrying a picnic basket. They both said they were going to have a picnic at the zoo. WHO DOES THAT. But whatever, it’s their pretend party so who am I to rain on their parade with you know… my common sense.

“Look, Mariam,” Daniel exclaimed pointing to an empty corner in the house, “Do you see the elephants there?”

Mariam looked and nodded, “Yeah Daniel, so many elephants!”

“Yeah! Let’s go feed them these cookies.”

“Ok!” Mariam said while they grabbed the biscuits in the picnic basket.


“Look, Mariam, a horse!” Daniel pointed at another corner. “Let’s go there!” 

And they both ran all over the house visiting these pretend animal cages.

I decided to play along because it was just so cute.

“Look, guys,” I pointed to the TV with an excited voice, “There’s a giraffe behind the TV!”

They both looked at me and wrinkled their forehead, looking all confused.

“No, Mommy, there is no giraffe behind the TV.”

Well, duh. I was just pretending.

“Yes there is!” I insisted, desperate to join their team.

“Umm no, Mommy, you’re seeing things.”

“But… but it’s a pretend zoo, Daniel!”

“Yeah, but you make no sense, Mommy.”


Ugh whatevs. Your pretend zoo is lame anyway.


Mommy the third wheeler.