dear pilot, next time…

July 18, 2017

It’s family holiday time and literally Dean and I had an argument about where to take the kids. Europe isn’t nice for young toddlers who can’t appreciate historic buildings and loads of walking (Mommy doesn’t appreciate that either haha) and the Australia/New Zealand is just too cold now. US is way too far, I ain’t doing a 24-hour flight with these kids. We really couldn’t decide, and you know it’s going to be an argument when one starts saying “You decide la omg.” We literally took Daniel’s Lift-The-Flap-and-Learn-About-The-World children’s book and lifted the flaps guys. Africa seemed cool and unique, but the kids are way too small to enjoy a fullblown safari holiday. Antartica seemed like a cool idea…. Well, it was 1 am, we were tired…

So in the end…



Poor kids thought they were going to Europe or Melbourne or something far. Little did they know we’re just going across a river. #donttellthemplease #theythinkSingaporeisnearMelbourne

Anyway, we’re having an AMAZING time here. I never appreciated the fact that Singapore is so awesome for kids – Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari, some more river things, ohhhh and this one tour called Duck Tours I kid you not.

It was so cute seeing the kids coming to the airport all gangsta trippin’.

Dressed in designer, with their unapologetically bright-coloured caps on, with their really really really ugly sunnies from a brand called Babiators (I kid you not) they wanted from Mothercare…. and Daniel with his two bags.

They think they had such swag, these kids, when really they just look like they had an eye infection.

I mean, let’s zoom in shall we?!

Fuhhhh, who do they think they are.

After immigration cleared them and stamped their passports, all swag disappeared, they became so jakun and started running around and being normal kids.

Zero chill.


On the plane, Daniel was so curious about everything as he usually is. Questions after questions…

What is that card on the pocket of my seat?

Oh, what is this yellow cone thing to put on your nose in this photo?

What do you mean when oxygen is low?

What is oxygen?

How come they don’t give earphones like our flight to Melbourne and London?

Are we there yet?

Why are we not moving, Mommy?

Ok, why are the clouds not moving, Mommy?

Please can I get the life jacket and wear it?

Why can’t you ask the stewardess if I can wear my life jacket?

Why not?

Are we there yet, Mommy?

How come so long?


And it felt like I was in there for 4 hours.

Finally, we were ready to land.

“Yayy!!!!!” I whispered excitedly to Daniel.

“Mommy, this is not the zoo,” once we landed on the runway at the airport.

“Yeah, Daniel, we land at the airport first,” I told him.

He started crying, “Nooooo I want to land at the zoo. I don’t want airportttttt! Tell the pilot to land at zoo.”

“That’s not how it works, sweetheart,” I tried calming him down, knowing that he was so excited for the zoo for days.

“I want to go to the zoo. Tell him to land at the zoooooo, Mommyyyyy…” he said with tears in his eyes.

Honey, if I could tell the pilot where to land, this plane would be at Harrods 1st floor handbag section by now. -___-“

Anyway, on behalf of Daniel… Dear pilot, next time land at the zoo please.