just like mommy

July 29, 2017

Mariam’s going to kill me when she grows up and reads this hehe but she did No. 2 in the toilet all by herself this week! We’ve been trying to slowly potty train her and so she is getting used to peeing in the big girl toilet and flushing all by herself. This week, she’s even more “grown up” when she decided to take it up a level hehe. She was sooooo cute guys, she got disgusted and demanded to be washed each time something came out. She hated it! Then when flushing, she was so proud and went “Bye bye poopoo!” happily and waved. Oh gosh she’s really going to hate me after this, I might just delete this post by the time she can read. Hahahhaha. But I just wanted to document her journey. It’s so amazing to see how something so simple to us can be such a new experience to a new human being coming into this world.

She’s still very much a daddy’s girl, that hasn’t changed at all. I feel like a third wheel everytime I’m with them -___-” but it’s just so nice to watch her be all manja, even though it’s not with me… you know, the woman who carried her for 9 months and pushed her into this world. Still hard-headed and can never say sorry without a big scolding from us, but her love and caring side is slowly coming out. She’d kiss Daniel for no reason sometimes, she’d talk to her “baby” – a doll, of course – and cuddle it pretending to put it to sleep, she’d share her keropok with me sometimes when she feels nice, usually after I tell her I’d take her selimut if she doesnt share…

Here’s some What Mariam said recently.


We were at the airport and Dean and I were busy trying to checkin.

“I want bus stop, Mommy, bus stop, please,” Mariam suddenly whines at my leg.

“We’re going on an airplane, Mariam, not a bus.”

“Bus stop, please, Mommy.”

What is she on about!?

“I. Want. My. Bus. Stop,” she whines some more and grabs the passport happily.

You mean passport, woman!


Mariam was overjoyed when her watermelon juice arrived and said “I’m miskin, I’m miskin.”

Ummm what? Miskin… like poor?? I mean it’s sweet to be humble but she can’t go around saying she’s poor. Sounds so sad!

“I’m miskin, Mommy,” she said smiling, almost proud.

I lowered my voice, “You mean you’re miskin like poor miskin, Mariam?”

She tilted her head confused and showed me her drink, “Miskin, I’m miskin my drink.”



Daniel and Mariam are obsessed with blocks and lego and all these days. Daniel is quite creative actually, he puts things together and they legit look like cool skyscrapers or not-bad-looking animals.

One time, he did this cool clock tower thing and went “TA-DAAAA! Look what I made, Mommy.”

It was pretty cool so I clapped my hands for him, “Wow, Daniel, that looks so cool.”

Mariam was next to him. She looked up and started assembling things quickly.

“Look what I made, Mommy. Look here, Mommy. Look what I made,” Mariam said obviously crying for attention. #competitive

I looked at her “creation”. It was 2 blocks, one green and one yellow, one on top of the other. Ummmm.

“Wow, that’s nice too, Mariam!” I lied.

It was so funny though seeing her all competitive and not wanting to lose. It was a moment for me because I realise she had that trait of mine. Ah, she really is my child. *happy tears*