the vivy spot

July 10, 2017

A historic day for me at work today because….

I got my own desk!!! 

“Yes, how may I help you?”

Wearing Instant Sugee dUCk (yes we have instants now!) and Somerset Bay outfit (yes we have Somerset Bay on FV, used to shop so much from their store in OU), both from FashionValet.

All these while, believe it or not, I didn’t have one. I’d sit in Dean’s room to do my work but since a lot of my work is marketing and PR, it’s not really a desk job and I’m rarely in the office the whole day. I come in and out based on my meetings so I never felt the need to have a room of my own. Everything I need is in my phone and laptop! Plus FV and dUCk were both growing so fast that we don’t even have enough space for desks for newcomers. So I would sit at the pantry and I felt it was nice that I could hang with the other peeps, share food with them and gossip about our boss – Dean, duh. But because I had no real “parking spot”, it was hard to focus. I kept having to move if Dean had a meeting, I didn’t have anywhere to put my things and I didn’t have a calm Vivy spot to park myself and call it my own space. 

After Makkah, I just had a huge reality check on a lot of things. I listed down everything I wanted to do within the companies I run, I noted every crazy idea on how to scale the company much faster and how to get there, I narrowed down the priorities, I gave myself timelines, I listed down personal goals too. You know when you just do things daily and there are just so many things, you honestly don’t feel it or even have time to reflect on what you’re doing cos it’s chop chop chop next next next. Especially during this Raya time, I definitely felt like that – to a point I couldn’t even remember if I had lunch or not. So it’s really important to have that familiar spot where you sit at and just realign everything that’s going on in your week. I needed my own space. 

I’m back at work, full force, and ready for the challenges ahead. The best is yet to come. Dean and I have some things up our sleeves with FV and can’t wait to get our hands dirty again. But first…. 

Sit on your desk, pose and put a funny post on instagram.

It’s so nice to have a desk guys!!!! #whydidntiaskforthissooner #seehoweasyitistopleaseme

I mean, yeah, I have to share a room with the CEO and he can literally see everything on my computer screen so forget going on Net-a-porter or Matchesfashion (hello, it’s research) or watching make up tutorials on contouring (hello, that’s also research). But I’ll settle for this for now. One day when we get bigger, I will demand my own room. For now, sharing is caring.

Just today, I called up random people to my desk. 

“Yes, Vivy?” They came up with their notebook and pen, obviously ready for this ad hoc meeting that they assume is about work. 

“Oh no nothing, just wanted to show off my desk. Isn’t it nice?!!!” 

Usually received with some eyeball-rolling from my colleagues who were probably busy doing actual work. Bahahahahahahaha. This week is gonna be F-U-N.