welcoming her second baby

July 30, 2017

“Second baby, no need baby shower right?”

Was the hot question in our private chat a couple weeks ago. I mean, come on, if your best friend keeps popping babies every year, that means you’d have to throw surprise baby showers every year?! This Ajjrina Annuar better stop reproducing, man. Hahaha I am kidding! Half kidding. Quarter kidding.

Mimak and I put our heads together and we planned this nice surprise for her. We really need to start using the term “surprise” lightly now, we have “surprises” every AVA event!

This weekend was probably one of the best AVA weekends we’ve had. It started with a sleepover with where else, Majestic Hotel (we always go there for sleepovers, that we forbid Mimak and her future husband to have their first night there – find another hotel, thanks). We went to Toots’ house and literally rolled a suitcase into her room and said “Ok, pack now, it’s AVA time.” She was so surprised but even I could tell that she was so excited to have a girls time away from everything else.

We checked in and got a nice big suite for us 3 girls. I booked spa sessions for the 3 of us (was really just for Toots to relax and be pampered but you know… we thought she might want us to accompany her….) so we each got a full-on 3 hour scrub and massage. I’m pretty sure even the baby in her tummy enjoyed that one! Came back to the room, ordered room service, and literally did nothing but talk and lazed. We each had things to do (I really wanted to read – this was my chance without the noisy D&M, Toots wanted to plan the concept for her new passion @thetrueinteriors – go follow!, Mimak wanted to edit photos and blog – didn’t happen, she really shouldn’t call herself a blogger anymore *rolls eyes*). We did our own thing in silence for a while and it just felt right – nobody talked to one another yet we’ve never felt closer. That night, we all cuddled and snored to sleep. Well, I cuddled them, they are just not romantic like that sigh.

The next day at checkout, Mimak and I suggested the 3 of us take photos together outside. We had to pass the restaurant area where her 10 friends were already on standby by then. Genius idea, we thought. Until we realised the table was tucked inside so how would she see. -___-” Anyway, we made it happen in the end and so SURPRISE!!!!!!

No diaper games at this baby shower unlike her last baby shower. :”””””)


Seeing her smile just made my day. All that planning and panicking in case she would figure it out, was worth it. Thank You Allah swt for giving me a best friend like Toots, a person so amazing and rare.

And Thank You Allah swt for giving her such awesome best friends by her side, too. #JUSTSAYING