done or no yet?

August 7, 2017

I remember when I was pregnant with Mariam, I had my ups and downs emotionally. Up because yay I’m going to have a girl, and down because I felt bad for Daniel. He had been an only child for a whole year and then I got pregnant. We only knew him and we gave our hearts fully to him and his heart fully to us, so I couldn’t imagine sharing it with another baby that I didn’t know yet.What if Daniel felt sad? What if Daniel felt like we don’t love him anymore? I would tear as I think about this, especially when I stroked his hair when he was sleeping cuddling me. I will always love you, I whispered to him.

Fast forward three years.

Two kids banging their drums together, two kids singing their lungs out in the shower, two kids dancing together listening to Despacito (that song is just so catchy, even grandmas are humming to it without knowing what it means), two kids holding hands as they cross the street. It is so beautiful seeing them care for one another, get protective over one another, and love one another (most of the time…). With Mariam, I learned that a mother’s heart can grow even bigger to cater to give even more love, something I never thought was possible. The two of them are the apples and pears and pineapples of my eye, and I hope they will always want to take care of one another.

Like today.

Mariam is excited about the potty these days. She’s very excited to flush and to wash, and she even made Dean walk her to the toilet 5 times that night because she wanted to pee. Nothing came out of course, but she insisted she had to pee and flush. I think she just loves the sound of flushing and she’ll even go “Bye bye, pee!” Oh our water bill is going to spike up this month, we’ll be blaming Mariam and her hundreds of unnecessary flushes.  -___-“

Being the adamant and strong girl that she is, she always fights with us because she insists on doing the washing and flushing herself. But nowadays, she is also taking an interest in washing and flushing for someone else… Daniel. Bahahhahaha, poor guy has to entertain his sister even in the toilet!

Everytime Daniel goes to the toilet, she’ll trail behind him much to his annoyance.

“Go away, Mariam, I’m going to poo,” he says to her, followed by her walking behind him even faster. Btw, I never teach my kids to say sheeshee or weewee or uh-uk or yakyak. Guys, treat them like adults! Poo and pee are perfectly normal words, we don’t need to be ashamed by the words.

“Mariam, gooooooo,” he says when he’s sitting on the toilet, obviously uncomfortable that he has an audience other than me or Dean.

Mariam looks at him and sings a song, thinking that she’s helping him poo faster. -___-“

Daniel just gives up and lets her stand there, as he frowns.

Mariam walks closer to him and looks up and down.

“Are done or no yet?” She asks if Daniel is done, while holding the bidet spray.

He looks at her, very annoyed. “No, Mariam, go away.”

She keeps quiet for a minute. “Now?” she asks him, picking up the bidet spray.

“Not yet, Mariam.”

She waits 10 seconds. “Now, you done?” and she even nods at him, hoping that he’ll be nodding back too. He’ll glare at her with his eyes and she’ll go, “Ohhh no yet,” and just waits some more awkwardly humming a song.

It’s so funny, guys, seriously.

When he’s finally done (to which Mariam will go “Oh yay, you done!”), she’ll want to wash him and that’s when Daniel will scream “MOMMY TELL MARIAM TO STOP IT!!” Then that’s when I come to save the day and pretend I haven’t been eavesdropping outside all this while.

Ahhh my children. They amuse me all the time. I hope they grow up to always love and take care of one another, but maybe not in the toilet huh Mariam?

In the meantime, anyone needs any flushing?

Mariam at your service!