white rubber band

August 9, 2017

Daniel came back to school this week looking a bit sad and holding a little present. In school, he had a little farewell party for a child that was leaving to go to “big boy school” next semester. Since this term is ending, every parent is required to do a little farewell for their kids when the kids leave (because we don’t have enough work in the office *cries blood*).

He clutched it the whole way home. It was a set of 3 pencils and tied together by a ribbon and made more secure by a white rubber band. There was a stick attached to it that said “Dear Daniel, Keep in touch. Love, Hayden.” and on the other side, “Here is my mom’s number xxxxxxxxx.”

It’s been a few days and everyday he would hold it. Even the white rubber band! One time, the white rubber band was lost and we had to look around the whole house because Daniel wouldn’t stop crying. Literally, I was crawling all over the floor trying to look for that tiny white rubber band. It didn’t help that my marble flooring has white on it so I couldn’t see the white rubber band! He really loved and cherished the farewell gift from his friend and even wanted to sleep with it!

Tonight, the rubber band came off and Daniel looked at me, “Mommy, can you please help put it back to the pencils?” as he held the pencils in one hand and the white rubber band in the other hand.

“Sure!” I said, wanting to be supportive because I know how much he loved the pencil gift. I took them from him and started tying the pencils together with the rubber band.

Suddenly, SNAP.




I broke the white rubber band.





My immediate reaction was to turn around so he wouldn’t see. He didn’t, anyway, because he was busy talking to his sister. Phew, he didn’t notice or hear the SNAP sound.

Oh no… what am I going to do, though? He wants that exact white rubber band so I knew that I couldn’t just get one of those normal brownish orangey one right now. I panicked and started sweating. When you break or spoil something that is so meaningful to another person, your pits start to sweat ok. What am I going to tell him? I’m going to break his heart!!

I somehow managed to tuck the white rubber band in between the ribbon so it was loosely secured. If Daniel played with it a bit, the white rubber band would just fall off. This will do for now, but mental note – google Where To Buy White Rubber Band pronto!

“Here you go, Daniel. All fixed,” my voice managed to squeak out.

“Thanks, Mommy!” He said with a big smile on his face as he gets his precious pencil set back.

I’M A HORRIBLE MOTHER, I thought to myself.

He played with it for a while and then the white rubber band came off and fell to the floor.

“Oh no!!!!” He exclaimed. “Mommy, I broke the rubber band!!”

I gulped. Oh no, what do I say? If I say I did it, he’ll start crying and throwing a tantrum and I won’t know how to handle breaking his heart since he loved this so much. I’ve heard of parent stories before – they accidentally kill the dog and they pretend the dog went somewhere and then they buy another dog and the kid never knows etc etc, those things are normal things no????

“Oh, did you?” I nervously asked and then I shrugged, “It’s ok, Daniel, no big deal!”

VIVY YUSOF YOU ARE THE WORST MOTHER EVER, I thought to myself again. This voice of reason in my head is so annoying.

“I-I-I’ll find you a new white rubber band soon ok?”

“Ok,” he said as he looked down.

Oh the guilt in my feeling right now guys. He clutched the white rubber band to sleep, and is now just a string in his right hand. He wanted to sleep with it since it was part of a gift from his friend that he obviously cherished. How do I tell him that I broke the rubber band? I can’t bear telling it to his face and having his heart broken because Mommy wasn’t careful! I can’t bear having him shout “It’s all your fault!” and not speak to me for 3 days. *cries blood*

Anyone knows where I can buy a while rubber band?!

Daniel, if you’re much older now and reading this, I want you to remember this set of 3 pencils that you loved so dearly given to you by Hayden. Mommy is sorry for breaking your white rubber band from Hayden and I just didn’t know how to tell you I ruined your gift.

If you don’t remember this gift at all, then JUST KIDDING, this all didn’t happen.

*nervous laughter*