missing for 5 hours

September 4, 2017

Let me tell you a story of last Friday.

Not only were we super jetlagged from the San Francisco trip, 1st of September is also a lot of events for us. And all meaningful ones, not like social need-to-show-face kind of events.

First of all, it was Raya Haji so we had to go from mosque to both parents and inlaws’ houses. In the morning also, Mimak and I drove to the hospital before Raya prayers because Toots was scheduled for a c-sect (baby was 4 kilos guys… I’ve never been so thankful to have short genes) that morning. Not only was it going to be the new baby’s birthday, it was also my sister’s birthday and my brother in law’s birthday. It was also Friday which means Fadza had to go for Friday prayers so I was waiting impatiently for him to finish because I needed to see Toots who had already come out of OT as a mother of two boys! Daniel also starts school on Monday, so we needed to squeeze in time to buy white school shoes (couldn’t do it on weekend because Mimak was getting married!). We also had a family dinner that night to celebrate Idzuan’s birthday. On top of that, the new dUCk Cosmetics store opens the next morning, so the team was waiting for Fadza and I to come for final check of the store. I was super excited for this and wanted to squeeze a trip to Pavilion in between all this family madness!

Suddenly, we went “missing” in the evening.

Here’s my family’s side of the story.

“This Fadza and Vivy are just so late! It’s my birthday dinner, why aren’t they here yet?”

“Aren’t they in charge of bringing the birthday cake?”

“Wow they are an hour late already. Can someone call them?”

“They’re not picking up. We can’t reach them. I’ve called 10 times!”

More conversations about how we are always late that lasted for an hour.

“Hmm guys, do you think something happened to them?”

Everyone went quiet, unsure and a little worried. 10 minutes later…. ok, a lot worried. Mak called Kak Siti to ask she knew where we were. This one question made Kak Siti hyperventilate and she freaked out calling everyone in her phone book! Which is well.. Mom. When Mom found out, she couldn’t stop calling everyone in her phone book who knows me – Toots, Mimak, MinJee, my sister, Mak. And it kept going round and round basically. My dad was going to go to the police already. It’s been 5 hours that nobody could reach both Fadza and I, and this was very unlike us. They were sure something bad had happened.

“Habis la anak aku… macam mana anak aku ni… mana dia pergi ni?”

“This is why! I always tell them to have a bodyguard. This is why!!”

“Her last seen on whatsapp was 5.30pm. It’s now 10pm!”

“Iya waduh bukkkk, mana puan ni? Tadi dia bilang dia ke din-ner malam ni.”

“Ok if she doesn’t call back by midnight, I’m going to check the hospitals.”

“She hasn’t updated her instagram at all. This must be serious.”

“Weiiii don’t joke la! This is not funny. WHERE ARE THEY?!”

“Maybe we should drive by their home to see if their car is there.”

So this went on for a while, and let me tell you, this was actually really unlike us. I’m always reachable by phone, I reply my loved ones immediately and I never leave my phone just lying around. In my family, they know I’m the reliable one (unlike my sister who never checks her phone -___-“). Not having me reply calls after 5 hours and update social media was actually quite alarming haha. Ok not haha at the time.

They called so many times and this is just a portion of my missed calls.

In the end they found us.

This was what actually happened:

After a long eventful day of Raya Haji and the whole shabang explained at the top, the last event was Idzuan’s birthday dinner. We left the kids at Mak’s house since their cousins were there and they wanted to play together. We drove back to change and freshen up.

It was 5.30pm and we were exhausted already. But we had to power through, we reminded the other person.

“Oh but the bed looks sooooo good.”

“No no, we have to fight this jetlag.”

“Yeah you’re right, you’re right,” as I walked to the shower to freshen up.

“But you know… a little nap wouldn’t hurt.”

“Hmmm yeah we could put our alarm and make sure it’s only 10 minutes.”

“Yeah, yeah, only 10 minutes! Just to rest our eyes.”

“Good idea.”

So the both of us napped. And napped. And napped some more…..

“HELLO? HELLO???” We heard Mak’s voice in the house. I panicked because I thought something bad had happened.

“Mak???” We called out, shocked from waking up suddenly.

“Hello?!!!” Mak called again, with a little fear in her voice.

“Mak, what’s wrong?? We’re in the bedroom, Mak!” We called back to her. My heart was racing, wondering why she was shouting.

She came in slowly and she burst out laughing. “Ya Allah Ya Tuhan, you guys were sleeping! Do you know what time it is?”

“Yeah we took a nap, so tired, Mak. We’ll get ready for the dinner now.”

“What dinner! It’s 10.30pm! Everybody is looking for the two of you!”

Fadza and I laughed. Yeah sure, Mak….“Ha ha, Mak, 10.30 very funny.”

We looked at our phones.

10.31pm. 41 missed calls.


Our 10 minute nap turned into a 5-hour nap!

We were knocked out! We didn’t hear both alarms, we didn’t hear any phone calls, we didn’t hear any messages. Kak Siti and Mak decided to come over to check, and they left the door wide open ready to run back out in case of any danger. Kak Siti was holding the door open, and Mak had the poor task of checking inside the house. For normal people, 5 hours of silence might be normal but mannnnn in my family, it involves a gazillion missed calls, people wanting to check hospitals, people wanting to call the cops, people wanting to hire bodyguards, my mom crying, my dad calling his police friends, my mother in law risking her life coming into my “might-be-a-crime-scene” house.*wipes sweat*

We immediately left to pick up our kids at Mak’s house and on the way we called our loved ones to tell them we’re ok. My mom was all Alhamdulillah Syukur and crying and MinJee was all sorts of swear words scolding me when she heard my voice. Fuhhhh.

But man, it sure feels good to be loved by your loved ones.

Moral of the story: do the Find Friends app thing so you always know where everyone is. And never leave your phone or put on silent in case of emergencies!