11 years anniversary

October 14, 2017

Cheesy alert ahead, but this I hope is also how you feel about your spouse and will inspire all of us to appreciate one another a bit more. 🙂


Dearest Husband,


Remember the day we met at McDonald’s? And remember the day we had our dinner at Tinseltown and I got lost walking to the tube station? There wasn’t any Waze back then and I was scared standing in the dark alleys I ended up at. I turned around and you were standing there smirking because you knew I’d get lost. Remember the days in London where you’d wait for me at tube stations? Amidst the crowd of unfamiliar faces in a foreign country, there was always your face that gave me that warm feeling everytime despite the cold gloomy winter. Remember when we would hold hands walking through the streets of London? Such young love, who knew we’d be here today still holding hands.


The other day, we helped Daniel do his first ever homework. He had to match pictures to numbers and I watched as you helped him hold his pencil. You watched as I helped him colour the apples in the picture. Mariam was there too, insisting to sharpen Daniel’s colour pencils. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. No spoken words but we both knew what the other was thinking – how did we get so lucky?


So many stories we hear almost everyday about love – some good, some heartbreaking. And though we never know what the future holds, all I pray for in this marriage is for us to always be in love with each other. It gets tougher as work gets more serious and our kids demand more attention, but you and I always make it work somehow. At the end of every night, your hand still finds its way to mine and we’d fall asleep holding hands till this very day.


Today marks our 11 year anniversary.

11 years since we got together and jumped right into this relationship, as if we knew then that this was “it”. We’ve been tested, we’ve been separated, we’ve had our share of arguments, but love always wins. I have repeated this many times but I want you to know time and time again – the best decision in my life is choosing you. Thank you for the privilege of being your wife and the mother to our beautiful children. I truly am the happiest woman when I’m with you and I hope this feeling for any woman in love. I respect you, I adore you, I cherish you and I love you. 10, 20, 40, 60 years from now, God willing we are still alive, I will still be saying these exact words to you.


To the love of my life, my husband, my soulmate, happy 11 year anniversary to us.