don’t tell daniel

October 2, 2017

Subject: A loving couple

Event: 11 year anniversary coming up

Plan of action: A super short getaway without kids

Current mood: Nervous to tell the kids

“So do we tell them where we’re going?” Fadza and I were discussing, while looking at Daniel and Mariam. Now, I’m not one to be apologetic for wanting husband-wife time – whether it be date nights or short weekend getaways, it’s so important in a marriage to allocate time just the 2 of you. We plan to go to a place that Daniel keeps saying he wants to go (he’s already been btw). If we tell him the destination, he’s going to throw a fit wanting to come as well.

“Yeah, we should, right? I mean, responsible parenting whatnot,” I said, in a voice so unconvincing even I don’t believe myself.

“Really?” Fadza asked, also unconvinced.

“Yeah, I guess. He can take it…” as I muttered an additional I think under my breath.

Daniel came marching to us. He was from the kitchen. “Daddy!!” He called out, voice annoyed with his arms on his hips unhappy about something.

“Daddy, I saw in the kitchen a lot of plastic bags from the supermarket,” he pointed to the kitchen.

“Yeah, I went to get some grocery on my way home from work,” Fadza explained himself.

“But why didn’t you invite me?” our 4-year old asked, still pissed off. It was kinda funny, guys.

“Because I was just passing it from home.”

“Yeah, but you shouldn’t go to the supermarket without me. I want to buy gro-re-cy too!” He said, adamant. Can’t pronounce grocery properly, but ok, big guy.

Fadza wanted to laugh but kept a straight face. “Ok Daniel, next time Daddy go to the supermarket, I will tell you first.”

“You know I love the supermarket. That’s very naughty of you, Daddy!” Daniel ranted on and turned back to the kitchen to see if there was any goodies for him.

Fadza and I laughed at how upset Daniel was about missing a trip to the supermarket. And we both quickly went all serious face-d.

“So we shouldn’t tell him our destination right?”

“Definitely not.”

We wouldn’t hear the end of it!