October 29, 2017

Today I want to write about positivity.

I see too often people who whine and complain about things. I’m so stressed, I’m so tired, the world is against me, my parents hate me, my friends hate me, the weather is against me. And the global millennial code word FML – I will make it a point to question whoever says that in front of me, I have a pet peeve of those 3 letters because it’s the ultimate representation of everything that is wrong with our generation. I have those “why meeee” moments too, and then guess what – a blind man walks past. Or someone lost a baby. Or someone went bankrupt. Or a whole minority is on a boat in the sea because they got shunned out of their country. Like really guys, F our lives?? Your mouths are your weapons, watch what you let come out of it.

Mom, if you’re reading this FML means ummm “fruit my life”, like make it more umm, fruity and stuff.

My loved ones see me as a ball of happiness, always positive, always smiling at others. But honestly, I have challenges too, I cry too, and I overcome them as soon as they whack me in the face. I resolve issues immediately and this is from work down right to petty arguments Fadza and I have. I don’t live a minute of resentment because life is too short for that. Got problem – stop whining, find a solution, works/doesn’t work, find another one, works/doesn’t work, find other one, life goes on.

I had a string of bad luck this month. Firstly, Kak Siti went back for 3 weeks for her holiday – I sooooo cried inside (there was drama on the day she was supposed to come back, they didn’t find her name on the checked-in list and I couldn’t reach her so I was so scared that she would pull the not-coming-back-ever stunt on me – I will fly there and carry her back *cries*). I was juggling work and home as my smooth home process was now compromised when she left. She came back, the sun shined brightly again, then bam – she was rolled into emergency room for suspected appendix burst. Fadza and I stayed with her for hours and she had to be warded for 3 days where we all went back and forth after work to see her.

My sister also just gave birth so I went to see her everyday for that first week (and then I’m like this is your forth child, you can do this bye). Then, Kak Siti came home, and just when things were going back to normal, I had pain while peeing. I held in my pee for a few hours because I was in a long meeting and didn’t want to excuse myself. I felt like I had to pee every few minutes and it was really hard to focus on anything else – I had UTI and won’t go away on its own. So I went to emergency room again that night to get antibiotics and stuff. Fadza and I were off to Sabah for work to speak in front of 200 guests and while doing that, I was constantly wanting to pee while on stage.

We flew back straight to family dinner (I was mostly in the toilet on the plane) and hugged the kids tightly. The next day, we were supposed to fly to Melbourne so we wanted to be with the kids as much as we could. That night, instead of spending time with them, we spent it at the emergency AGAIN. Kak Siti fainted and we panicked, sending her straight to hospital. She was fine don’t worry. But at this point, I’m thinking I should really get a hospital membership….

We canceled our Melbourne trip because of Kak Siti’s condition being still very weak, and while consoling her, we were also calling to get refunds on our ticket and hotel. I was really sad that we had to cancel because I was so excited to go see Kim who had just given birth to her beautiful baby girl. The next day, we went to the hospital AGAIN for a checkup on Fadza’s sinus. While he did that, I went to do a follow up on my UTI. I was clear, phew. Went back up, and Fadza told me he’s going to be warded for 3 days because he has to do a sinus surgery. WHAT, HERE AGAIN?! You know the story, if not read here. Seriously, again, where do I sign up for this hospital membership?

In all of the above, my house looked like this.

It was unliveable so Fadza and I had to live in our parents’ house, everyday shuttling back and forth to get our clothes and the kids’ stuff and check on the house. On top of all this, work still had to go on, we had meetings we couldn’t cancel and we even had the book launch where I had to give a speech and make sure I know my stuff during the interviews.

We had a string of bad luck during this week from Kak Siti to me to Kak Siti again to Fadza, we went to the hospital every single day for a week and a half. So on the last day of Fadza in the hospital, we told each other, ok no more going to hospital for a while please. From now on, we check on our every move and be very very careful.

On our way out of the room, our abang came up to the room to help us with the bags and all. He was carrying the gifts that people sent Fadza. While walking a few steps out of the door, he slipped, fell and cakes, cupcakes and Chatime drinks just spilled all over the hospital floor. MY FLUFF CUPCAKES!!!!!! *cries blood*

We all ran to help him up thinking it’s just a normal slip, but no. He popped something in his knees and he couldn’t stand up or walk. I was so worried. He’s quite a tough buff guy so for him to be in pain, it must be really painful. I tried to help him up, but he was in so much pain from the fall that he couldn’t move. The nurses came fast with a wheelchair and we all rushed to the emergency room.

The guy there looked at me. “La, akak lagi???”


How about a “Welcome back!” with a smile instead.

While waiting for the doctor to examine our abang, Fadza and I looked at each other, not sure if we wanted to cry or laugh. Every single day here and just when we were about to leave and end this bad luck streak, bam, someone snaps a knee cap. Thank God he was fine in the end, but still the trauma of it all.

I looked at Fadza. “You know what this means right?”

“What?” Fadza asked me.

“We have to mandi bunga.”

No one come near me please if you don’t want to end up in the emergency room.

Moral of the story: through all this one after another incidents, not once did I say FML or get upset with the world or get stressed. I just took it one day at a time, and found humour wherever possible.

Oh sorry, I meant humour for myself, not others. Bahahahaha.

Look at the positive, always. At the end of the day, everything will pass and there was no need to fruit anyone’s life.