always your little girl

November 15, 2017

For the past month, my home was under renovation and I’ve been living at my parents. Me, Fadza, the kids and the whole shebang – we just showed up with suitcases with a PLEASE TAKE US sign.

My mom was obviously so happy to have her baby back, and my dad secretly enjoyed it too although he’ll never admit it *roll eyes*. They quickly cleaned up my room, changed the sheets, did the mosquito thingy and the air purifier thingy – my mom is such a mom. If Daniel and Mariam wanted to come back and sleep, I’ll be like nah this is a vacuum cleaner, please press ON.

For 3 weeks! I was chasing the renovation and ID people because I had to go back and forth every single day to change clothes before I go to work (obviously I could pack everything but that would mean packing my whole wardrobe, no thank you very much). In that sense, it was difficult living like a nomad and having bits and pieces of things in two different places. You feel unsettled so I was chasing the renovation peeps to hurry.

As with everything in life, the timeline wasn’t met as promised and there were delays here and there. And when Fadza looked all frustrated, I am going “yeah mannnn so long” next to him nodding along. But really, inside I’m like this.

It is AWESOME living at my parents.

Food’s taken care of, I don’t have to worry about getting grocery after work, I get to come home and get cuddles from my parents while Fadza sits across the room awkwardly, I get to take my mom’s handbags, I get to hang out with my sister everytime she comes over, I get to sleep in my old bed and breathe in my childhood all over again.

It was THE BOMB.

But of course, I’m the only one who’s basking in this joy. Fadza’s a man, he obviously likes his own space and being able to walk around with ummm less clothes, and I don’t know why but he doesn’t enjoy cuddling my parents as much as I do. #doesntknowwhathesmissing BAHAHA. And the kids miss their own rooms and their toys, even though I offer them my old dolls so many times. We were all living in 1 room, sharing the same toilet and sleeping on the floor since there wasn’t enough room for all of us in one bed. So they couldn’t wait to go home. But me? I had a ball going through my old Spice Girls posters and ugly school photos.

Above all, I think it’s always nice to come back home to be in the comfort of your parents. Waking up with them, coming home to them, eating with them. Growing up sucks sometimes but this is where life is a cycle. One day, Daniel and Mariam will be in my position too. That will be the day I cry blood and set up tents outside their balconies.

These 3 weeks brought me closer to my parents and it was the realization I needed to never take them for granted. Dad and Mom, I love you so mucho mucho much. Thanks for letting us crash with no questions asked, and letting me be your little girl again… with a husband, suitcases and an entourage. Thanks even more for not making us pay rent. Love, Always your little girl.