youtube channel

November 7, 2017

So I started a YouTube Channel!

On top of blogging and running the businesses haha!

I was previously very opposed to the idea of videos but I think I learned to enjoy it after Instastory came to life and I’m so obsessed with it haha. Anyway, in a week, I’ve got almost 30K subscribers and what I thought was going to be a simple la-dee-da thing is now looking quite scary. My first entry has got 127 thousand views, imagine that in human numbers… omg suddenly so much anxiety in me! #nopressure

As long as I myself am liking this and not feeling like I have to be someone I’m not or do something I don’t want to, I’m alright! So guys, enjoy my Youtube Channel please and get ready for new videos I’ve got lined up. If you have any requests what video you’d like me to do, lemme know!