report cards

November 24, 2017

This week, we had the quarterly report card session with Mariam’s playschool just to see her progress. Determined, strong, stubborn, bossy – some of the keywords that were repeated in the conversation. I wanted to laugh because everytime the teacher explained it, I’m like yepppp that’s definitely Mariam, alright.

My sweet but stubborn little munchkin.

Apparently when the other kids want to play something else, she’ll somehow make everyone play what she wants to play. And if the kid doesn’t want to listen to the teacher, she’ll go to the kid and scowl so that he’ll be obedient. When the teacher says arts and craft time is over, she’ll say nope and continue pasting and colouring. #iamme #idecide #whyismychildsomuchlikeme

When I was staying at my parents last month, my dad whipped out my old report cards from kindergarten and mannnn we had such a good laugh. Well he did, I completely denied all allegations. Teacher was in bad mood when she wrote it, for sure!

Some embarrassing snippets:

I was 4 or 5 years old here. I’m still not patient, 26 years later *facepalm

Whatchu talking bout, I have self-control! *hides Pringles tub

Needs to be reminded that others should have their chances bahahahaha.

4 is btw the worst score. Rude!

Ummm… cos I’m talented, Teacher, hellooooo.

I mean, look at this little girl, guys.

Such a sweet little innocent girl with her floral headband, how could you say such things of her.

But in all seriousness guys, I haven’t changed and there’s so much truth to what this 25-year old report card has written on it. It’s so freaky! Which means it is most likely that Mariam will be just like this as an adult too.


So at the end of the day, the conclusion is that I would like to express my condolences to the future Mr Mariam. Haha!


P/S: make sure you keep all your children’s memories like this guys. It’s so wonderful to have a piece of my childhood to hold on to and I’m forever thankful that my dad is sentimental about these things. I’m definitely hoarding all of Daniel and Mariam’s report cards and drawings of ummm… abstract objects.