i’m back!

December 10, 2017

 I’ve been having serious writer’s block for weeks haha, hence the no update here. I’ve been traveling (went to Dubai, Koh Samui and Europe in this short time!), working a whole lot because FV is rebranding (more on that soon!) and as you know, I’ve started my YouTube channel too. That’s been going great to be honest. I’ve done 13 videos and gained 50k subscribers in just one month! Here’s my latest video that I just uploaded yesterday.

But….. something’s gotta give and that’s unfortunately Proudduck – which sucks. I miss writing sooooo much and I realise that I don’t want to forget the little little things that happen everyday (which is too small to do a video for). So here I am! Back to my old self.

Yesterday I had a scare because Fadza had an allergic reaction to something and he had shortness of breath. It wasn’t very serious but in the moment, it was the scariest thing. You start to think of all the What-ifs. I was arguing with him about driving him to the hospital and he insisted he was fine and he just needed to lie down. I can sooooo imagine our old age life, constantly arguing like this. -____-“

When we got home, I got him some water and just laid down with him stroking his chest. I’m sure it didn’t help whatsoever but umm well, it made me feel like I was doing something at the very least. Fadza took a nap and I kept checking to see is he was breathing. So paranoid, I know haha! But that’s just my character – when the kids were babies, I kept walking to their cots to put my finger under their noses to see if got air come out haha. #watchedtoomanystupidfilms

Anyway, he was fine! After a couple hours, he woke up and was feeling like himself again. We had some drinks and cuddled in bed while watching a movie. I just felt so happy and content being in his arms and I don’t care how cheesy that sounds. I’m sure all wives feel this way when their husbands cuddle them, or at least I hope they do!

Living together (and even working together some more!) can make you take one another for granted. Things get so routined that you just overlook how much you mean to each other. So if you’re reading this, go to your husband and give him the biggest hug just because. And if you’re a guy, go to your wife now and give her a hug (and a present – a handbag or something #duh). Because really, I can’t imagine life without Fadza and I’m sure you feel the same way about your spouse. You’ll only appreciate when something’s not there anymore, so why not appreciate every moment that you actually get together. #wipestears

Fadza hugged me tight before we slept, “Thanks for taking care of me.”

I didn’t do anything but I felt like it’s ok to take all the credit thank you. “You’re welcome,” I said hugging him even tighter.

“Later when I get old and wrinkly, you’ll still take care of me right?”

“See la how, if you’re still hot.”