2018 new year resolution

January 20, 2018

As I write this, I’m now at a place you’d never find me. A kickboxing centre haha. I’m just here to accompany Fadza because he wanted the kids to be exposed to martial arts in hopes that they’ll be tough cookies. Well… at least Mariam will be, and she’ll protect Daniel bahahah.

I can’t believe it’s my first post in 2018 now and it’s already the 20th! Like whattttt old Vivy would never let weeks go by without updating Proudduck! This new Vivy is so annoying. Such a slacker!

It’s been a while since I blogged and I’m admittedly finding it hard to balance blog and vlog and instagram and instastory. If I were doing social media fulltime it might be easier, but there aren’t enough hours to the day after working and mom-ing! Especially because my resolution this year is….. drumroll….. to wake up earlier!

2017 was a super unhealthy year for me. My diet no need talk la, but even with rest – it was embarrassingly unhealthy. Early mornings, late nights, full on makeup back to back for events, travels – it really screwed up my body and it really showed on my skin. I can tell my body will definitely act up if I don’t drink enough water and if I don’t have enough sleep.

SO! This year, 2018 Vivy is going to wake up early everyday and have more hours during the morning to be productive – prepare the kids and not rush every morning, exercise a little (Pop Sugar Fitness is the shizz), not rush through my makeup. Just generally to start my day in peace and calm, not all frazzled and flushed and annoyed at myself…. and getting death stares from Fadza for being late.

To wake up early, I need to sleep early. And this is where it’s tough. Not so much to stay up to do work – I find that actually a lot can be done during working hours if I focus and stop wasting time on little (but many) distractions. It’s just that at night after the kids sleep is the only time Fadza and I have for Love Time – either a TV show on the couch, or late night maggi together while we talk, or late night movie and mamak – I just LOVE those moments and giving those up sarksssss.

So yeah, I’m still trying to find a good balance.

Last week, we celebrated 135th monthlyversary haha. Usually we’d go out for dinner and for a nice drive, but we were both too lazy to go out after putting both kids to sleep. So we stayed home, ate leftovers and did this instead.


Our first mask together haha. #dontwelookhot #coupleswhomasktogetherstaytogether

Even after 11 years plus together, we can still find a new “first” together, I’m surprised!

Give me some tips guys, when do YOU have your alone time with your spouses, especially if you have kids?