world is getting smaller

February 17, 2018

I’m in London now. It’s the first time I’m back without Fadza so I’m missing him super duper much. Passing by familiar places and I’m reminded of him, so I get my emotions spurts thinking about how much I miss my husband. I mean, my whole London life is basically me and him so it’s not the same #imsolameiknow I haven’t even gone to Harrods or Selfridges, that’s crazyyyyy and that’s how meh I feel! Haha. Thank God I have my parents here (who coincidentally came to London on these dates too… why do I get the feeling they’re following me -___-“) so at least I’m not completely lonely haha.

I’m here for work – some of FashionValet brands joined Pure London, one of the most prestigious trade shows here. Then dUCk launched Londons Skyline dUCk so we had an event in Shangri-la with some of the dUCkies and influencers from London (so so fun, I’m waiting for pics to share with you guys), then I attended aere’s breakfast event with London influencers hosted by Raja Nadia Sabrina which was amazing. For the next couple of days, it’s going to be London Fashion Week and London Modest Fashion Week so I will be attending some shows. I’ll also be on a panel this Sunday about female entrepreneurship, which I’m biting my nails for because now I dread saying yes since I hate public speaking, what more in another country #gulp. Then I can get packing to go home!

Breakfast yesterday was pretty amazing, if I may share. It was at 8.30AM like omg Sab, who on earth has an event that early. You know you’re loved when we all gather for you and some even left their houses at 6am because they live outside of London. #breakfastbetterbeworthit And indeed it was.

All the girls from all parts of the world gathered in that private room inside the beautiful restaurant called Ivy’s, and it just felt like we’ve known each other forever. We all had to stand up to introduce ourselves and instead of the usual “Hi, I’m [insert name] and I am a [insert occupation]” it was more of a 10 minute introduction by everyone about their lives and struggles and highs and how they ended up here in London. It was so moving, some introductions even moved us to tears. It was more like a chat instead of a formal introduction, which you can only get at events that you really feel comfortable at. I gave a little background of myself and I expressed how grateful and amazed I am that women from different backgrounds and nationalities can now sit in one room and have breakfast together, some from Malaysia, some from Iran, some from Turkey, some from Pakistan, some from Brunei, some from London itself. And we were all brought together by our love for fashion and social media. Beyond those two things, we are all human beings with so many stories and experience to share with each other. And it was AMAZING.

We’ve exchanged Instagram handles (who exchanges numbers anymore…) and started DM-ing each other to stay in touch. I can’t help but just think how crazy it is that the world is so small now. People from anywhere in the world can connect, just by social media and it’s pretty darn cool. Makes me realise that there’s just no excuse not to succeed anymore or go for your dreams, because you can reach out to ANYONE now – whether or not they reply, is another story. We also need to understand and respect people’s privacy if they do not wish to be contacted. But you really never know if you don’t try. So go on then, message that person you’ve always wanted to meet. I wonder if Beyonce will reply me….