i’m pregnant!

May 8, 2018

Guysssss, remember me? My name is Vivy…. Haha. I’ve been so out of it with blogging but for good reason. Most of you might now via Instagram but it doesn’t feel like I’ve announced it properly until it’s on Proudduck.


Wow feels so surreal to tick “Being Pregnant” category for this blog post.

Baby No 3 wants to say Hi!

Alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ™‚

Unlike the other two (what were their names again), this one is planned and we’ve been trying for a few months until we realised we counted the days wrongly bahahhahaha. #canruncompanybutcannotcountovulationdate

I took so many tests leading up to this plus sign, and so many Clearblues were shouted at for not giving me a plus sign haha. #impatientoldme Finally, I took one at my mom’s house one day and it was the above. For a while, we kept it under wraps – I’ve had miscarriages before so I didn’t want to tell the public yet – so only our family and best friends knew. But honestly, it wasn’t hard to tell:

  1. My tummy grew much faster this time around – I am now just reaching 4 months pregnancy but my bump looks like it’s 6 months.
  2. I look like crap everyday – I hate wearing makeup unless I have to, I only feel like wearing kaftan, I look so pale everyday.
  3. I want to puke all the time – I get nausea so easily this time. Every morning, afternoon, evening and night, I feel like vomiting and it’s a real pain in the butt because it really distracts me from my daily routine. Even when I brush my teeth, I vomit. I’m on anti-nausea medication now, but it doesn’t seem to eliminate anything.
  4. My back hurts real bad – mid-back, lower back, they all hurt. I remember back pain in my previous pregnancies too so I don’t think this is new, I just have to endure it. Lots of pillows and ice packs from time to time. I walk like a penguin even in my first trimester, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out something is wrong with me.
  5. I can’t see people eat rice – I don’t have any cravings this time, not yet anyway. I even lost weight because I can’t seem to eat a lot and I totally get put off by rice dishes. Not just eaten by me, but also if I watch others eat rice with lots of mixed dishes on their plate, I immediately look away because I want to vomit. It’s so weird!
  6. I don’t feel like doing anything – I’m so unproductive, I do only the necessary which is work – the rest like blogging or social media I really can’t be bothered. Hence the hiatus on Proudduck which I am determined to fight now!

It’s definitely a harder pregnancy this time, which is ironic because I thought the more pregnancies you have, the easier it will be since your body’s a pro already. Unfortunately, people say everything goes downhill after 30, so it could also be the age factor why I’m feeling more pain and more lethargy this time. Booooooooo 30. People tell me to rest and take naps, but honestly it makes the pain even more because I’m literally not doing anything when I rest – also, it’s Raya period so there’s no such thing as rest at FV and dUCk now. It’s Gear Up time, in fact, with events, travel and constant promotions.

All of the above can’t dampen my happiness though. There are moments when I go omgggg why did I get myself into this againnnnn, but I’m quickly reminded of Daniel and Mariam’s baby photos and videos and I smile – because I want another one of those. I can’t wait to meet Baby No 3, Insyaallah in October. Thank you Allah swt for allowing Fadza and I to add another blessing in life!

So, boy or girl?