just like a backpack

May 24, 2018

I just got back from the gynae and we found out the sex of the baby today!! I want to blog so I remember the day we found out if you had the bird or the bees, baby no 3 🙂

I’ve just passed the 4 month mark and everything is healthy and on track, Alhamdulillah. Been having a lot of work lately with the most stressful time of the year for us – Raya period, travel every week and my energy is drained out, so I was anxious for this checkup. Phewww baby is A-ok and that’s the most important thing. We saw the baby moving around in the scan and I wish we brought Daniel and Mariam along so they could see too. Now Fadza and I are thinking how best to tell them the sex of the baby haha.

I’m happy that my nausea and whatever pregnancy pains are slowly disappearing. I get them here and there, but they’re muchhhh less now. I guess I just had to be patient as all the pain is temporary. *wipes sweat*

I remember last month I was telling Fadza my back really hurt and that I was so uncomfortable.

He was trying to cheer me up by being funny and trying to give me semangat so he said, “Oh come on, it’s just like me carrying my backpack everywhere I go.”


So this happened to him the rest of the night.





I shoved Daniel’s school bag in there and made him wear it the whole night.

Serves. Him. Right.