no thank you

May 16, 2018

I still don’t know the sex of Baby No. 3 yet.

My nausea is pretty bad, I’m losing weight that even my collarbones are jutting out, my complexion is so bad now, and my tummy is quite big – so aunties who see me immediately go “Oh, you’re definitely having a girl.” Haha, we shall see! Another Daddy’s girl…. great!

To be honest, since I have a pair already I really don’t have a preference – whatever God wants to gift us! But I do think this new baby will determine the dynamics of my little family moving forward. If we have 2 boys in the family, it’ll be trips to the dinosaur land and scooter parks moving forward, sigh. If we have 2 girls in the family, Mariam will have competition and I worry that she might not like the new baby – although, it could make her more girly and less “I want to wear baju melayu for raya like Daniel and my cousins”…. Either way, it will have an impact on Daniel and Mariam, and I’m nervous to find out to be honest!

The two of them know “Mommy is having a baby.” The first time we told them, it was so cute. Daniel was excited. And till now, he rubs my belly and kisses it – sigh, he’s so loving la I cannot handle how amazing he is. He looks at my growing belly and asked me if I was going to explode – kind of sweet of him to care. Mariam? Oh this was the conversation we had.

“Mariam, Mommy has a baby inside for you!” I pointed to my belly.

She looked at me. “Where?”ย 

“In here,” I pointed to my belly again.

She came to me, pulled up my kaftan and looked from underneath. “Don’t have baby, Mommy.” And walked away back to her lego.

Another time, we asked them, “Daniel, do you want a brother or a sister?”

“A brother! And I’m going to name him Velocoraptor!” No you’re not, Daniel.

“Mariam, what about you? Do you want a brother or sister?” we asked her.

She looked at us, “Nope. No, thank you.”

Like this baby is something you order at a cafe.

Sorry, Baby No 3, your sister is going to be a tough nut to crack. #prayforbabyno3