two hundred sixteen thousand minutes

June 3, 2018

It’s nice to see both kids getting more and more interested about the new baby. Daniel keeps asking me when Baby No 3 is going to come out and I keep telling him it’s still going to be a while. He knows the months of the year already so I told him most probably October so he’s marked it on his calendar. Too cute!

Mariam? She looks at her watch (yes she has a watch from Smiggles that has a green monster on it obviously meant for Daniel *rolls eyes*).


“Yes, baby girl?”

“Baby coming out soon?”

“Well in like 4 to 5 months, yes…”

“4 to 5 months…” she repeats, trying to digest what I’m saying. “What time is that on my watch?” She shows me her watch.

Roll off floor laughing. How do I explain this?

“No no, it’s still very long more, Mariam.”

“Ok how many minutes?”

Seriously, how is is possible that she’s so impatient just like me?! She’s really mini me, guys!

“About 216,000 minutes, Mariam.”

She paused and looked confused. “Is that like 5 minutes, Mommy?”

“Umm yeah sure, about the same,” I was too tired to explain.

She had more questions, guys.

“Mommy, is the baby going to come out from your bum bum?” she asked me, innocently. Daniel looked up from his dinosaurs too, waiting for my answer.

Oh no no na-ah, I am not ready for this conversation.

Do I lie? Do I tell them the truth and scar their innocent childhood?

“Oh guys, I think Daddy is calling you!”

And off they went to the room to poor Daddy who had nothing to do with this. Haha.