the mysterious case of missing pencils

July 17, 2018

What is it with our kids and the universal mystery of missing pencils?!

I keep having to buy new pencils for Daniel (actually come to think of it… eraser, ruler, colour pencils, sharpeners…) until I don’t know where to put my face at Smiggle anymore. They must think I hoard children’s stationery *facepalm*… or that I’m just a mom who can’t keep her kids’ things together! Which is kinda true I guess haha.

The conversation with my pen-missing hero:

Me: Daniel, seriously, where are all your pencils? There’s only one in here!

Daniel: Uhhh they’re all there…

Me: No, they’re not. You have to check everyday that you have all your things before you leave school! Where did all your pencils go? I’ve bought you like 10 of them.

Daniel: My friends borrow them sometimes… and you tell me to share so I share.

Don’t you dare throw that back at me, little man.

Me: What happened to their pencils?

Daniel: We all borrow each other’s pencils….

WHAT?! Why?! Even so, if everyone borrows each other’s pencils then everyone would still have pencils. All these pencils would just move around to different pencil case addresses but every pencil case would be filled with stranger pencils until one day it rotates back to your original pencils that your mom bought you, no?

Long pause.

Oh. My. God.

Who am I, guys?

Listen to yourself, Vivy. You’re upset about… pencils.


Ok but seriously, I instastoried this and I got soooo many DMs from other moms/aunts/sisters that say they too face the same problem. Best advice one of them gave me – just give them one pencil so there’s no choice but to hang on to it with dear life. Haha!

A question for us to ponder though… if every kid loses their pencils in school, where do all these pencils go?? *cue mysterious music*