third trimester woes

September 18, 2018

I’m usually a cheerful and positive person (still am!) but I’ve gotta be completely honest – these last few weeks of pregnancy are proving to be super letih-licious, just like how it was for Daniel and Mariam’s pregnancy.

First trimester problems are out the door, thank God, but now third trimester problems are here – can’t find a good position to sleep which results in late night Netflix binge and sleep deprivation which results in a groggy wife in the morning which results in snapping at husband which results in #prayforfadza. Haha.

How I try to sleep nowadays

On top of that, constant lower back ache, occasional heartburn, pain from baby kicking and pushing down uterus all the time, super minor contractions that come and go – and most annoying of all, a weak bladder which means I either have to go to the toilet every hour OR I pee a little whenever I cough or sneeze (pantyliner in my bag at all times). I’m all sorts of sexy mixed together right now guys. A sexy pregnant lady whose clothes can’t fit anymore with slightly swollen fingers and feet and waddles around the office like a penguin. The time that is needed to walk from A to B has doubled. For a very petite girl with a watermelon in her tummy, I’m a walking comedy right now. And I’m still taking meetings with external parties because work has to go on, so I still need to look presentable to the outside world… in my regular XS clothes bursting at the seams. Haha.

Ok so hopefully you get the point – not feeling very hot right now.

But one thing last night just changed everything.

Fadza was positioning my pillows for me in my little Vivy fort of pillows corner of the bed, when he looked at me and said “Thank you for being pregnant, sayang.”




I just forgot about the discomfort, I felt so touched, and I swear if this was a Bollywood movie, doves would fly around with smiles and wind would start blowing my hair as I gazed at my amazing husband adoringly. Sometimes, all you need is your husband to say the right things and that is enough to make things so much better.

That is, until the next pee visit at 3am.

But I’ll take it, thanks.

I love you.