write so you never forget

September 5, 2018

I’m staring at the blank box to pour my words in and that beautiful feeling is coming back – the blogger in me is alive again! I haven’t blogged for almost 2 months guys… TWO MONTHS! It’s been a crazy period, but let’s face it – no excuses, Vivy, you were just slacking off!

But not today guys… not today, my friends… because today was a really really good day that I just want to remember. I told my best friends that I really miss blogging and so many good moments happen everyday that if I don’t write them down like I diligently did before, they’re all going to fade in forgotten memory land. So I don’t want to let that happen. No matter how tired I feel at the end of every night, with long days at work and beautiful yet tiring nights with the kids.

Today was a day of firsts.

Today was the first day we all moved into the new office. And to see the excitement and gratitude and energy from everyone just made me want to cry of happiness. As a leader, you hardly get any recognition from the team and you shouldn’t expect to anyway because that’s your bloody job (haha), but today when the team said “We love our new home” and “Thank you for this” and “We love you”, my gosh I swear I felt like crying. All Fadza and I want is for the team to be happy and productive at work, and although this gets harder as there are more people and more characters to please, and also the physical division of HQ, warehouse and retail stores, we will never stop trying our best. Today, we had lunch together as a team, we played games, we chose desks, we had our first session in our new amphitheatre… I vlogged the whole thing (I’ve been enjoying vlogging again hence the neglect on Proudduck haha), can’t wait to share the office tour on my YouTube channel!

Today was the first day of school for the new academic year. Daniel is now in Year 1, and Mariam also moved to the preschool in his school (because Mommy is tired of going to 2 different schools that start and finish at 2 different times). This morning was hard for us though – waking up super early, settling both kids who have been on sleep-late-wake-up-late holiday mode for a month – let’s hope tomorrow will be easier! We definitely need to sleep earlier, including Daddy and Mommy haha. Mariam doesn’t have any books yet, but Daniel does – Maths, Science, Geography, English etc… there’s even a subject called Citizenship – what on earth is that. As I wrote his name and class on all the books this morning with a permanent marker, flashbacks of my mom writing on my own school books came to me. Ahhh the circle of life. My mom was obviously a better mom because she spent the day before wrapping all my books with protective wrapping sheets etc. This working mom ain’t got no time for that so Daniel will just have to learn to wrap himself la k. Both kids did so well today, Alhamdulillah no tears – in fact, they both kind of looked like they wanted us to go already. *cries blood*

Today was the first day of some personal milestones for Fadza and I. We achieved a target that we set out a few years back, would love to share because a lot of you here have seen us since uni days! But I have to consider those who will think I’m just showing off so I think I will keep the personal milestones for just Fadza and I. A family member also got discharged from the hospital today so it was a big celebration for the family. I also got happy news from my sister about her own life, so that made my day too.

So yeah, it was a really really eventful day for us today. One that I needed to write about because I don’t want it to slip away.

And then I realised that everyday is actually a good day. There will be mini ups and mini downs in everyday, but if you open your eyes and hearts to see the good things, you will realise there’s just so much to be grateful for in our daily lives. And when you feel those good moments, write them down, guys, so you’ll never forget. Thank you, God, for every blessing You’ve given to me and my family, and I hope that others will feel the same happiness if not more too. Looking forward to the mini ups of tomorrow (and hopefully return to this blog to write about them *based on my track record these 2 months, don’t hold your breath haha*). Good night, guys!