cheating confinement

November 12, 2018

“I’m actually excited for confinement this time, guys. I’m so going to do it properly. I’m going to just chill and watch all the Netflix I want,” I remember saying to Toots and Mimak during pregnancy.

Well, on Day 7 I went to the office (a little detour after Sarah’s doctor’s appointment hehe) and I’ve been out everyday since. Cikyah (my confinement lady, remember her from Mariam’s pantang??) knows how stubborn and naughty I am, so this time round, she brought her suitcase and declared that she was going to stay with me the entire confinement. You should’ve seen the horror on my face… how am I going to sneak out now?!

But clearly I’m a determined girl haha. I gave her so many excuses that she couldn’t say no to, so now she just shakes her head and concurs when I go out (also probably regretting taking me as a client haha). You guys know I’m such a restless being and having an active working schedule before, I’m just not used to lying down all day. And when I see my phone beeping constantly since I’m privy to all departments’ group chats, I feel very gatal to reply each one and get involved, even when I don’t have to! So I’m constantly on my phone and working when Sarah’s sleeping (which is basically all day unless she wants milk or a change – newborns are so fun aren’t they…). It’s also a youngest child thing, I think – the more you tell me I can’t do something, the more I want to. Haha. I’m a child, guys, a child!

Anyway, I realised that I can’t get back this precious two months to just rest anymore, so starting now I’m going to do just that – stay home in my kain batik and socks and endless supply of FashionValet t-shirts. Sleep when Sarah sleeps, stop drinking ice, keep my socks on, wear my bengkung (corset) consistently, the works!

My bucket list for the rest of this period:

  1. Read Billion Dollar Whale
  2. Sort out photo folder on phone (I have 15,000 photos guys)
  3. Blog more
  4. Springclean closet


But first, nap.