meet sarah

November 3, 2018

For Daniel, I remember blogging asap to announce his birth. For Mariam, I was busy adjusting to having two kids, that I took about a week to announce on my blog.

Third baby?


I’m 24 days late to announce her birth on my blog. *nervous laughter*

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d already know and you’ve seen her updates already. But just pretend to be surprised and congratulate me again ok? Also pretend that you’re seeing this photo for the first time ok….

Everyone, meet Sarah Ilham Shah.

The latest addition to our family, the precious angel sent to us from above minus her loud cries for milk and poopoo change. Haha. Sarah is just wonderful, to be honest, she came out pretty easily (will share labour story soon!) and she is such a calm baby that it has been a breeze with her. Let’s hope this lasts forever, we pinky promise already, remember Sarah?

Daniel and Mariam didn’t want her at all during my pregnancy because they wanted a boy, and on the day at the hospital, dinosaur toys seemed more exciting than meeting their sister, but now…. oh man, now they’re obsessed with her. Every morning they look for her first, kiss her head, pat her tummy, much to Sarah’s annoyance because they really smother her. #lemas

So here we are, guys. Daniel Azim Shah, Mariam Iman Shah and now, Sarah Ilham Shah.