sarah’s tahnik

November 5, 2018

Our little family did a tahnik for Sarah to celebrate her one week into this world. We did it for Daniel and Mariam before, and so the tradition continues. It was supposed to be a small do with just immediate family and best friends, but then it somehow ended up with a tent outside, we invited a few more people from the FV management team and we got catering etc… trust a bored lady in pantang to plan a small do hehe.

Sharing some pictures from the day: 

Sarah was put on the floor while our family and friends gathered to witness the tahnik ceremony. A bit of dates and a bit of honey were given to her to symbolise sweetness in her life, followed by more prayers recited by the Ustaz.

I insisted to put a dUCk twilly on Sarah but it looked really funny cos she looks like a boy with a bandana going to the gym haha. And it kept slipping off when she moved her head around.

Me fixing it…. many many times.

Even Ustaz was fixing it… haha

There were lots of laughter and smiles at the tahnik. Everyone wanted to carry you, Sarah, and you should know how loved you are by our family and close friends.

May you grow up to be an amazing girl, little Sarah, and may you always be blessed by Allah swt. Daddy and Mommy love you so much, and can’t wait to watch you grow up and bloom into a wonderful lady (well, don’t grow up too fast). May you also look less like a boy soon. Bahahahah.

And then there were 5.


Thank you Qippy Photography for capturing these moments for us.