hello, anybody still here?

April 2, 2019

Wow has it really been 5 months?

I’ve missed seeing this white blank box on my screen so much, but between Instagram and Youtube, I really don’t know how to fit blogging into it as well. That is, with running a business and raising 3 kids too. Sometimes 4 kids, depending on how Fadza acts that day.

Since I’m here I better give a brief overview of everyone.

Me, I’m still the same old me. Just a bit chubbier – I’m at my heaviest now 49kg. I weighed myself yesterday and I was 49.9kg and I starved myself today because I’d die if I cross the 50kg mark. I’ve never crossed it in my life (let’s not count pregnancy ok – all weighing scales should be hidden when you’re pregnant). My aim is 47kg which is back to my pre-pregnancy weight so that’s my next target. I say that, but there’s a cookie in my mouth as I type this. So clearly guys, I have not changed one bit.

I’m still happily married to Fadza (JUST IN CASE LA, I HAVE TO STATE THE OBVIOUS), he’s still the love of my life, my bestest friend in the universe (don’t tell Toots and Mimak). We have so much going on in our lives now that we have recently set a schedule of work time, kids time, husband/wife time, inlaws time etc etc – that’s going pretty well, I’m pretty impressed we are sticking to it.

Work is stressful. Last year was a bad retail year globally so we are tightening our belts and being more careful with our decisions and expansion. We still grew overall compared to other companies that decline or even went bankrupt (how am I going to live without you, Toysrus ๐Ÿ™ For those of you reading this in 20 years from now, Toysrus was this huge place that you can buy toys that you don’t have to charge… crazy right.), but still, we should never take things for granted even in good times. The bigger you are, the higher the stakes. So yeah, working really hard these days. But then again, when are we all not working hard? Challenges make the job fun, so I guess you can say I’m really partying it up at work these days. At the end of the day, I love my job so yeah I haven’t changed in that department either.

Kids? Still got 3 kids, don’t worry. I didn’t magically pop up a new one or anything.

Daniel is in Year 1 now. He’s growing up to be a boy’s boy – he hates pink or girls, he just likes dinosaurs and transformers and most recently he discovered Power Rangers on Netflix. I know the theme song by heart. Even in my sleep, sometimes I hear it guys. He’s still that smart and loving boy that he is, but now he doesn’t come to me at night anymore. He sleeps through the night and I’ve accepted the fact that he’s no longer a baby that runs to his mommy in the middle of the night. If you see a piece of my broken heart somewhere, let me know, I’m still missing a few pieces.

Mariam is still Daddy’s girl – again, if you see the little broken heart pieces, call me. She drops everything for Fadza and would fake injuries to get his attention. It’s eye-roll worthy really. I mean, I’m right there, Mariam. Haha. But to be honest, she’s such a sweet girl – she comes to me sometimes and goes I love you this much Mommy, and keeps me smiling the whole day. Of course it’s cos she wants me to get her candy from the fridge, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Mariam is in pre-reception now, and she loves going to school – she’d get jealous when Daniel has homework. She’s still that feisty girl and now she scolds Daniel if he doesn’t do his homework or doesn’t listen to me or doesn’t eat his apples – “Janiel, I told you to do it right? Didn’t I tell you?” We laugh, but at the same time we’re terrified of her.

Sarah. Ahhh Sarah. Guys, I love my kids but I’ve never been this in love with a baby. I miss her at work, and at night, I actually hope that she cries because I wanna cuddle her. She’s such a smiley baby and she just grins when she sees me that I just melt. MELT GUYS. She doesn’t do the same when she looks at Fadza, so maybe that’s why she’s my favourite baby ๐Ÿ˜› She’s 5 months now, turning 6 months soon and I’m still breastfeeding her. At this rate of my obsession with her, she’ll still be breastfeeding at the age of 10. Can’t. Let. Go. I pity Sarah because out of all of them, she has the least stories on Proudduck – I’m gonna try and blog as much as I can to document her childhood just like how I did with the other two. But Sarah, never think we don’t love you ok, it’s just that well, you’re the third child..

So that’s my life now guys. Pretty much the same, huh? Except busier, more hectic and a whole lot more chaotic. I can’t remember the last time I waxed, but hey, my heart is FULL. Alhamdulillah.

Here’s us, a family of five.