March 26, 2020

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Me who?

Mee goreng no sayur.


As you can see, I’m still hilarious even in 2020.

I miss writing so much and I’ve been in lockdown for a while. Don’t worry, everyone is. Ok, maybe worry a little. But basically when you thought 2020 would show us flying cars, it’s showing us a flying virus instead. But more on that later. Before I continue, let me catch you up on my life since my last post was almost a year ago.

Still married to Fadza and working on the business together (we haven’t killed each other yet), still got 3 kids last I counted. Daniel is still into robots, Mariam still loves her daddy and Sarah is still my favourite child. I’m still 49.9kg, some days 50.3kg but what does a weighing scale know, really. So ok, all caught up.

Ok back to the global pandemic.

Basically there’s this big bad virus called Coronavirus/Covid19 that spread from China to the rest of the world via human to human contact. At first a lot of people thought it was like a normal flu, but very quickly it turned out to be more serious – goes into the lungs and screws up the respiratory system. A lot of people recover from it, but once you’re positive, you have to be quarantined so that you don’t spread it to others. It’s especially bad for elder people or people with underlying health problems. A lot of deaths in the world already. There are a lot of phrases we are learning right now; “social distancing”, “self-isolation”, “wash your hands”. So quite honestly, the whole world is worried and country by country, governments are declaring movement control order/lockdown to make sure everyone stays home to minimise the virus spreading. It’s Day 8 of lockdown now and parents are going crazy with kids constantly asking questions about life, single people are already talking to the walls, and Fadza and I are running out jokes to tell each other so now we just avoid eye contact altogether. I haven’t worn proper makeup in 7 days, can’t remember if I showered today, finished 2 tubs of ice cream already in my pyjamas – don’t judge, you’re in pyjamas pants reading this too. Wanna judge me….. pfft. Basically, we’re all slugs right now. But not today me. Today me is awesome. Today me wore makeup and put on real clothes without questionable holes. Today me also shaved my legs because Fadza made some eye contact just now. I mean, today me is really really presentable. Fadza is so lucky.

In all seriousness, this pandemic is nothing we’ve ever seen before. If someone told me there would come a time we’d all be locked at home and no malls or shops are opened, and an army is outside to catch bad people who exercise outside, I’d tell him to stop watching crazy movies. And yet, here we are literally living it. No one is spared. Rich, poor, old, young, male, female, anyone can get coronavirus. Everyday we hear of new people in the community being tested positive, it’s really scary. Just a few hours ago, news came out that Prince Charles has been tested positive too (also, his son Prince Harry married this one lady Meghan and both of them got cyberbullied so much that they left the royal family and moved to Canada. It’s really crazy times right now. But that’s for another day).

People are getting anxieties. Some people have lost jobs because companies can’t afford to pay salaries. Businesses are going to suffer including ours (Fadza and I are prepared for the low sales for the next few months and will just go on cruise mode. Hopefully FV is going to be ok, Insyaallah, but just to be safe, the both of us have already taken salary cuts). I’m missing my parents so so much, because I can’t see them even though they live 10 minutes away. Ramadhan is coming yet no one knows what’s going to happen (mosques are closed so will there even be tarawikh?). At 1pm yesterday, The Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin just announced the Movement Control Order will be extended for another 2 weeks (Oh yeah, we have a new prime minister. Ummm, we’ve had 2 actually since my last post. I told you, crazy times. Keep up).

There are a lot of uncertainties right now.

BUT on the upside, honestly there’s so much to be grateful for right now.

  1. Living in pyjamas. ALL DAY LONG. I mean, we are being told to stay home and rest. Can’t really complain.
  2. Parents are spending time with their kids. I joke about losing my mind, but honestly I’m having so much fun with the 3 of them. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, we do our own things when we have to work, we talk, we watch movies, we laugh. It’s awesome, honestly. Yesterday Mariam kissed me for no reason. Either she’s really bored, or she really does love me, guys!
  3. Catching up on things we promised ourselves we’d do: spring clean closet, spring clean kids’ old clothes and toys, read books, binge TV series. I’ve only done the last one, cos well…. #priorities.
  4. Kindness is all around. Funds are being set up to help the poor, services are being set up to bring groceries to the elderly so they don’t have to go out. Everyone’s so so so kind and selfless right now, it’s remarkable. Fadza and I started an FV COVID19 Support Fund last week, and in 6 days, we raised RM 1.14 Million from Malaysians. Click here to watch our video.
  5. Then we should be grateful for —- I’m sorry did you just skim through my last line. WE RAISED 1.14 MILLION RINGGIT FROM MALAYSIANS OMGGGGGGGGG ALHAMDULILLAH. That’s a huge deal for me. I cried because I was so happy and grateful and humbled. I was so nervous to start the fund, but I thought I should use my platform and whatever little influence I had to invite people to do something good. My target was 300K, but to beat that four times, it just brought me to tears. I was promoting the fund daily on my instagram and I messaged almost everyone I knew (suddenly so grateful that I’m in a gazillion groupchats haha). The funds have all been given to IMARET, an NGO full of doctors who will now supply medical assistance to hospitals. Our frontliners are working tirelessly to fight for the nation and their supplies are running out – hospital beds, tents, PPE suits, masks, food, portable airconds – we’ve gotten all of these for them. And it wouldn’t be possible without all of you who donated and shared the links of the funds. The funds are still running so please keep on donating: here or here. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ONLY GOD CAN REPAY YOU. I wish I can give all of you big hugs right now, but since we’re social distancing…. *virtual hugs all round*
  6. Online shops. Can you imagine being in a lockdown without any online services? Whoever invented internet, sigh. *TWO virtual hugs for you* FashionValet has a huge sale now and new arrivals are rolling in as normal, so head on here –> pleaseshopheresowecanstayinbusiness.com
  7. Love, Vivy Season 3!!! Yep, my reality show is back and Episode 1 will air 30 March 9pm on Astro Ria. Which is great because everyone is at home, so you really have no excuse not to watch it. Unless you’re doing No. 6 above. 
  8. Lockdown memes. I mean.

Hope that made you laugh a little bit.

Stay safe everyone.

Sending you all the love and positive vibes.

If you ever feel down, just remember this: